The Early Adopter’s Guide to AI

Kimberly Surico |
 02/27/19 |
3 min read

It’s not always easy deciding whether to dive into embracing new technologies before they’ve become commonplace. But often there are advantages to getting there early. Such is the case with AI Analytics. Here’s why:

It Puts You Further Ahead of the Curve

Though there are still brands not using social analytics in all the ways they could, arguably all brands at the forefront of their industry know the importance of sentiment analysis.

Literally the heart of your analytics, sentiment analysis puts you in touch with what matters most to consumers. This allows brands to respond to the information consumers are most passionate about, instead of guessing, or throwing brand messaging haphazardly into the void.

Now add Next Generation AI into the mix. With AI-enhanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities, those important contextual insights come to you faster, with even more accuracy.

What are the advantages? How about helping with predictive marketing models – anticipating trends, or even catching them just as they break.

This is huge for brands and agencies where being on the cutting edge is crucial to survival.

For example, agency The Marketing Arm’s diverse capabilities – from sports and experiential marketing to talent buying – requires them to gather insights quickly to understand which way the wind is blowing for their various clients. AI Analytics empower them to predict trends and make data-driven recommendations with confidence.

It Helps You Rewrite the Rule Book

Of course, this isn’t just about verifying what you already know or suspect. What AI really allows brands to do is carve out new paths never traveled before. It turns brands into explorers, and social into a land of discoveries waiting to be made.

Can’t all brands do this? Not without best-in-class tools – and if Next Gen AI isn’t in the mix, the tools definitely aren’t best-in-class.

In fact, the words “artificial intelligence” alone don’t guarantee your tools are at that cutting edge level. It’s easy to be swayed by terms like “machine learning” or “deep learning,” but the reality is AI is still a growing technology. It takes a multi-faceted approach – a combination of all AI modalities – to get results you can trust.

Many tools offer a version of AI – but that doesn’t mean it’s best-in-class. Be sure you know exactly what you’re getting. And move on if you aren’t able to see behind the curtain to understand exactly how insights are uncovered – down to the post level. Anything less is questionable.

Why does it matter so much? Because you want to know it’s real when you plant your flag in the soil of newly discovered consumer territory. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Here’s an example of the kinds of discoveries you can put to work.

The Westin hotel chain has always provided excellent fitness options for their guests – but so do other hotel brands. What makes the Westin special?

Meeting travelers’ needs at an advanced level is the answer.

Using AI-enhanced social listening, the Westin identified deep insights about those in their fitness segment. Looking at personal narratives within original posts, they unlocked the key sentiment drivers behind traveler behaviors and made some powerful discoveries, like travelers’ wish for a workout buddy to motivate them while on the road, and a desire for healthy food and beverage options like oatmeal and green tea.

The Westin responded by offering “well-being” experts, to “guide and inspire [the] guest experience.” They also do morning and evening group runs to answer business travelers’ desire for networking opportunities beyond cocktail hour. Green tea is now an in-room amenity, with instant oatmeal is also available. Finally, they partnered with Peloton cycles to provide virtual group fitness for their guests.

It Leaves You Poised to Embrace Whatever Comes Next

Brands like the Westin know what other brands are still coming around to – setting the standard matters. There will always be competitors nipping at your heels, but when you’re the one raising the bar, you have the advantage.

Incorporating AI into your analytics now means you can be there first in any number of ways – not least of which is as AI evolves and other brands struggle to catch up. Just as you must start running before you take the torch in a relay, you have to be using new tech as it grows to make the most of it when it explodes.

The only alternative to being an early adopter is being late. There’s no advantage in that.

AI analytics are here now! Ask us for a customized demo to see what they can do for your brand.

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