Having managed teams for many years now, I have always stuck to the idea that happy employees are productive employees. In the last ten years, telecommuting and the ability to work from home has become one of the secrets of happiness in the workplace. After all, who doesn’t love working in sweats? And nowadays, there are so many collaboration tools to facilitate working from home, there are some who allow it almost 100% of the time. NetBase offers the option to work from home, and I always find that I am more productive with my time as a result. Recently, though, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer banned telecommuting for all Yahoo employees, and social media responded in kind – the March 2nd installment of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker checked out what Facebook and Twitter users had to say this past week on the pros and cons of telecommuting. 83% say it works, 7% believe it does not work, 7% say it depends and 3% cracked jokes. Check out some extra jokes below:

There are only two careers I will accept at this point in my life.  Working from home, or being famous.

Working from home in my IU Snuggie.  My kind of day.

Working from home today.  Yahoo!

With this debate blowing up the internet, I thought I’d use the NetBase Insight Composer to see what’s happening in social media this week when it comes to the company that started the conversation: Yahoo. As you can tell, Net Sentiment is at a low, with negative commentary dominating the web this past week.

Check out some of the sound bites from social media users on the company’s controversial new mandate:

If yahoo loses talents for this changed policy, innovation will suffer anyway. Yahoo definitely now risks losing top performers. Does real-time collaboration and strategy needs to happen every 5 minutes?

This decision seem to be more about her to making/putting her stamp on this issue than about saving Yahoo it’s self. Yahoo has larger issues than just telecommuting.

And what about the general topic of telecommuting? Below is a chart showing Net Sentiment (charted in purple) and Buzz (charted in blue) trending over the last week. You can see that Net Sentiment took some deep dives over the course of the week, diving to -50 this weekend as the debate heated up.

@AnaKasparian Telecommuting is alot less expensive than running a physical office if you think about it. #tytlive


Work-from-home days give employees opportunity to be heads down & focus, free from office distractions


I also pulled a word cloud of the Likes and Dislikes that are driving the conversation about Telecommuting:

So what do you think? All for WFH…or not so much? Let me know in the comments!

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