DIY Trend Offers New ‘Ins’ for Retail Brands
Mike Baglietto |
 07/06/20 |
4 min read

DIY Trend Offers New 'Ins' for Retail Brands

Brands are taking notice of the DIY trends that are experiencing explosive growth right now. Home improvement companies like Ikea, Home Depot and Lowe’s are actively sharing ideas online. This DIY trend is offering new ‘ins’ for retail brands to reach new segments. We’ll cover that, and more:

  • Do it yourself retail recovery, as retailers everywhere take a DIY approach to rebuilding
  • Top DIY trends revealed using market research
  • Going where the action is – what social analytics and consumer behavior can tell us about DIY

And here are some statistics to keep in mind as we explore this “How To DIY:”

  • eCommerce will surge 18% in 2020 – thanks in part to the popularity of DIY
  • The DIY projected annual growth rate is 4.0%
  • There’s no clear-cut age range for DIY projects. The largest group is between the ages of 31 and 40, taking up only 26%; 21 to 30-year-olds (24%); and, 51 to 60-year-olds (19%). The 61 to 70-year-olds comprise 15%.
  • 80% of DIYers use their phone to research new projects, emphasizing the need for a mobile friendly website and mcommerce capabilities.

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Is DIY The Key to Retail Recovery?

Do it yourself projects offer a boost to retail everywhere and sales are predicted  to surge 18%, thanks in part to brands offering DIY ideas.

And it comes at a good time. Globally, retail has suffered. In the US, clothing sales fell by 50% in March, spending on cars and car parts fell 25%.  In total, including restaurants, bars and money spent in store and online, sales plummeted 8.7%.


And though retail sales are expected to drop more than 10% this year, research is showing a DIY projected annual growth rate will of 4.0%, resulting in US$96,935m by 2024.


And when it comes to consumers, DIY is ageless, targeting almost every age range out there. There’s something for every demographic in DIY Land.


Brands who’ve adopted this trend can widen their customer demographics and demonstrate their readiness to meet consumers where they are. And many savvy brands are doing just that.

DIY In Action

The magic of this pandemic time is how it has turned people into crafters and builders, consumers who may have not tried painting pre COVID-19 now embrace the brush. And savvy brands realized the power of DIY with online presence to connect and engage with their audience.

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Nicole Gibbons, the founder of New York–based arts and paint store Clare, commented on this very point.

“It’s an unfortunate set of circumstances, and of course we all wish that this hadn’t happened and that people’s health wasn’t at risk,” says Gibbons. “But I think what we’re seeing now underscores the value of having a strong online presence and the value of what we’ve built.”

And like many companies taking a DIY approach, Clare has seen a boost in sales, 50% since March 14. They shared their customers love via Instagram, which is wise – user generated content (UGC) is powerful:


Joining Clare and harnessing the crafty spirit and encouraging interaction, Lowes tackles kids, art and space for DIY-ers.


And it has an area on its website devoted entirely to DIY Projects and Ideas.


As is Ikea, who has an Instagram especially for DIY projects called Ikea Life Hacks.


And Wayfair shows their online savvy with a variety of DIY adventures – proving there is a DIY project for everyone.


Measuring consumer emotion by capturing sentiment drivers, words like Good and Great pop off the page when it comes to Wayfair. And so does #poor customer service, which is something this brand may want to explore!


And they can do that as they monitor for emerging DIY trends. Because, as we’ve seen, DIY is not just milk carton crafts and kids’ bedroom projects after all . . .

Top DIY Trends to Watch

Consumers are hammering, nailing, painting and baking. This is a big part of the new normal of 2020. As is its affect on online sales.

Articles as recent as two weeks ago reveal online shopping in the UK hit a high in May, making up 33.4 per cent of all sales. And online-only retail sales increased 24.3% in three months.

And mobile is huge here too. Constantly scouring their mobile phones, 80% of DIYers use their phone to research their next projects, so being responsive is important. If you aren’t, get on that.

Exploring the overarching landscape, we can see how DIY culture is infiltrating various segments. Some themes are expected, such as, DIY Beauty Masks or Home DIY Projects. But looking at a timeline view over the past 6 months, we can better see how the conversation has shifted and changed.


DIY was already a large conversation before COVID-19 hit. And March through the end of April showed a growth of interest in home beauty regimens (purple), also a larger interest in haircare.

Perhaps surprisingly, is a small section marked in deep yellow towards the top of our chart – which reveals tips and articles focused around DIY eye injury repair. The largest bulk of conversation though is holding steady in DIY beauty facemask tips, and Even DIY, where articles on music and film can be explored.

And within some of these segments is an overall theme of physical and mental self-care:


And both trends are such to continue as COVID-19 numbers continue to rise and physical locations remain closed. Tracking the well-being of your consumers and working to provide things they need an want as they require them calls for real-time monitoring. And fortunately, you’ve found it! Reach out for a demo and we’ll show you how to incorporate some DIY or other relevant happenings into your next marketing campaign.

how to make sma work for you

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