When it comes to sourcing consumer love to foster brand-consumer connections, you don’t have to overthink it. Anything and everything is up for discussion – with passion you might not expect driving conversations about the smallest things: like Peeps.

Peeps – for the uninitiated – are sugar-coated marshmallow treats that make their most well-known annual appearance on store shelves around the Easter holiday. Originally shaped like little chicks, they now come in more than 40 flavors and varieties, and have started to infiltrate other holidays like Halloween and Christmas.

Given their growth, you’d assume everyone loves Peeps – but we trade in analytics here at NetBase, so let’s see what social sentiment has to say.

Positive Net Sentiment Is Strong

As it turns out, Net Sentiment about Peeps is overall super positive:

But what’s behind the love? Here’s a closer look at some of the Emotions being shared to clue us in:

Peeps are “awesome” and “fun,” “adorable” and many people’s “favorite.” Is that due to their sugary goodness? In some cases, sure – but not all. Here’s a look at Behaviors under Sentiment Drivers:

Though “eat” is a prominent term, the most prominent is actually “use.” There are a few different ways to gather additional intel, but let’s look at Top Hashtags to see what we can learn:

We can see the #PeepsBunny is getting the most conversation volume, which isn’t all that shocking considering Peeps are traditionally an Easter treat… but there are several hashtags that illustrate some other ways Peeps are “used.”

Hashtags like #crafts, #centerpiece, #peeps art, and #artsandscents highlight the popularity of using Peeps in crafts – something the brand encourages on their own website.

Here’s an owl made of Peeps for a Peeps art contest happening in Wisconsin:

Zappos hosts an annual Peeps diorama contest of their own, which will kick off any time now:

Peeps get a lot of people excited, as we can see by the number of brands and celebrities sharing in the fun.

Funko has gotten in on the act with a Peeps Brand “Pop!” figure, earning them the title of biggest influencer (so far):

Meanwhile, ABC News meteorologist Ginger Zee is a Top Author:


Brands from Nutella

… to International Delight and Walmart being brought into the conversation – and hopefully they’re using these opportunities to engage their audience!

Who else make up the Top Brands being talked about in the Peeps conversation? There are quite a few!

Interesting that eBay is getting so much volume… Then again, where else would you go for hard-to-find flavors and colors?

Seems like Peeps are not just loved – they’re beloved. Except when they’re not.

What Makes Someone Not a Peeps Fan?

There are many reasons to not love Peeps – even if those people are in the minority. For example, this clever ad inspired a realtor to re-gram and share her preference for Cadbury Eggs:

One commenter claims that means “something must be wrong” with her.

But actually, there’s a lot of debate about which Easter candy is king:

And then there is criticism of the Peeps themselves – like some flavors not being as flavorful as expected:

Other criticism is directed at brands that have partnered with Peeps – like Kellogg’s:

And then there’s this person, who’s miffed at both Peeps and Kelloggs, claiming he invented Peeps cereal:

Finally, audiences are pretty split on Dunkin’ Donuts Peeps coffee and donut offerings:

Follow Your Crowd

The point here isn’t to inspire you to pick a side when it comes to Peeps – it’s to illustrate how far-ranging the topics consumers invest in are. Peeps may not save lives – though the brand did have a contest to raise funds for the United Way in the “community that Peeps calls home,” i.e., Bethlehem, PA – but they inspire a strong reaction in people just the same.

Using social sentiment to understand what drives consumer behaviors gives brands a host of intel they can use to interact with them, create new products, and more.

So don’t rule out the small stuff – because it’s part of what makes us human. That’s what your audience wants you to be most of all.

Have a topic you want to explore for your brand? Reach out and we’ll give you a customized demo of our social sentiment tools!

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