Star Wars fans are delighted at Disney+ for all their many offerings, from the original Star Wars movies to the new Mandalorian series. As May 4th approaches, Disney+ is battling COVID-19 by showing consumers and fans across the globe that the power of the fourth is still with them!

Disney+ announced that they will release the latest in the Skywalker Saga, The Rise of Skywalker, a full two months early on May 4th. Showcasing original concept art by Ralph McQuarrie and Academy Award-winning artist, author, and production designer, Doug Chiang  this family favorite leader is bound to keep consumers coming back, proving Disney+ is the gift that keeps on giving. But that’s no surprise.

Since 1977 fans have been hooked on Star Wars. Combine that with Disney+ prowess, and you have two giants that know how to keep up a crowd’s interest. And they do it by sprinkling little mysterious crumbs throughout the story telling.

May the 4th Mysteries Keep Consumers Guessing

For instance, just what is Yoda anyway?! Or why do Storm Troopers have such bad aim?  Using social listening for some inside insight may help us have a millennium falcon’s eye view. . .


And who is Rey? Is she a Skywalker or a Palpatine? One thing is certain, she is a character cloaked in mystery as she explores her Jedi or possible Sith self, and fan’s UGC (user generated content) shows below:

sith or jedi

The good thing about this mystery is we may only have to wait until May 4th for it to be answered.

Shrouded in just as much darkness is our villain with the million-dollar question that haunts Star Wars fandom, “Who is the father of Darth Vader? “


Apparently, a bunch of microscopic beings attracted to the Force are the father of Darth Vader. But to hear his mother Shmi tell it, she just woke up pregnant one day. The Darth Vader Comic book series may have the real answer, or just give us more questions.

Darth Vader is about as good as they get at being bad. For an evil doer he gets high praise from his loyal followers, and using social listening, we can see his net sentiment is positive:


And if Darth Vader is good at being bad, then Han Solo is the baddest at being good.

Generating Brand Passion Like a Rebel Fighter Pilot

Beloved of many, a quick search will net you a plethora of Han Solo memes which in today’s world, is a gold mine of intelligence on what consumers are thinking. And what fans want from this rugged hero is his real name. That’s right, Han Solo is his nickname given to him by an Imperial Naval Officer, and theories abound with no real answers but we still love him…and he knows.

The word cloud shows extremes in ‘love him, or hate him’ attitude, with love winning out.


Lastly we come to everyone’s favorite grem… wait, what is Yoda? We don’t know but people just can’t get enough! Below we can see on April 16th alone Yoda was mentioned 16,510 times on Twitter, not to mention other social media outlets.


Yoda is a very “Alpha and Omega” character, no beginning and no real end. That mystery mixed with his wisdom, wit and adorability all comes together to create this top fan favorite. And nothing exemplifies this better than fan art…..


https://www.instagram.com/p/B_khcAuFzAO/                                     https://www.instagram.com/p/B_kZSk6lZVA/

And Baby Yoda promotes safety measures and encouragement during our COVID-19 enforced staycations:


Below we can get a better idea of how each character compares against the next by using Brand Passion Index.


This handy tool shows you how much love consumers have for your brand (or character) vs competitors – and how passionate they are as well! We see lots of passion for Han Solo, lots less for Ray, but she edges him out on love. Han Solo is the character to beat on the passion scale though, as even Yoda can’t hold a candle to the bad boy pilot’s passionate fan base. And then people love to hate Darth Vader, of course and Luke will always win web love.

But that was then – what’s happening now?

Making May the 4th Memories

Disney does what it does best and makes this May 4th about the opportunity for making memories. Encouraging fans to share memories around their Star Wars experiences, many have answered the call.


They have replied on Twitter…


Posted multiple videos and pictures throughout their social media, as discovered here using image analytics


…and taken to Instagram to show off their fur babies.


No matter where they are sharing, the consumers are showing what Disney+ has done right: They made their audience a part of the story. Your brand should do this too.

If you seek a deeper connection, understanding and opportunity to connect with your consumers like Disney+, be the Jedi of your company, use the force (or fourth!) as your time to reach out for a demo!


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