Disney+ Demonstrates the Power of The Social Analytics Side

The Disney+ launch was everything a brand could want – and then some. Let’s see how the beloved brand demonstrates the power of the social analytics side. And how your brand can do that same!

Social analytics intel is the secret sauce that most top brands have informing strategy behind-the-scenes. Understanding how to harness and analyze relevant consumer insight is a differentiator in any category. Let’s see what that is . . .

Mom’s Love is the Best Kind

From the first day it launched, on November 12th, Disney+ experienced a noticeable spike in online mentions web-wide:

Spike in mentions from first day of Disney Plus launch

And if you’ve spent any time on social media that week, you certainly saw a number of moms posting about it.

The demographics of that early audience trended a bit older than one may expect for a Disney offering. And it’s important to note that not everyone offers their ages, so it’s crucial to have additional insight to inform any sampling.

Ages of those talking about Disney launch online

But these moms posting about it were absolutely enthralled:

And these weren’t “influencer” moms, but people you know – everyday folks who just like watching things on tv. They’re excited to share things they grew up watching with their families and their own children.

That’s a level of authenticity that any brand would pay dearly for. And that’s interesting, as predominantly, it was just regular moms expressing pure, uncompensated for love of these memorable classics!

And they appear to have paid promoters always activated for good measure as well, of course:

Mommy Blog Expert posting about Disney

But moms don’t rule the entire online world, so how did Disney activate such a huge segment of its audience? The goal, according to Ricky Strauss, president of content and marketing, was to market it with ‘a synergy campaign of a magnitude that is unprecedented in the history of the Walt Disney Company,’ reaching 95% of the service’s target audience and 100 million homes.”

How that synergistic approach took shape, exactly, is something you’d have to ask Disney about for specifics. But, we can offer some educated guesses, as next generation AI-powered social analytics undoubtedly played a role!

Setting the Disney+ Stage

Disney+ was announced during its Investors meeting in April. The campaign promotions started months later, at the company’s annual D23 Expo in August. Attendees were offered a steeply discounted rate that would lock them in as subscribers for the next three years – $23 off the $69.99 annual fee to $46.99 per year.

And “messages for Disney+ have appeared on kiosks, buses and billboards and in Disney’s theme parks, resorts and retail locations.” It was even rumored to be on loop at some DMV locations. Captive parent audience. Smart!

But although repeated exposure certainly adds value, it does not generate that loving, symbiotic relationship that hardcore Disney+ fans demonstrate:

hardcore Disney fan

That’s what Baby Yoda is for . . . Well, that and for showing us all, yet again, how incredible Paul Rudd looks for his age:

Baby Yoda and Paul Rudd both age 50

But back to Baby Yoda and the strong sentiment this little booger creates in viewers . . .

Mandalorian Mania

The Disney+ conversation is dominated by Mandalorian mentions:

Mandalorian mentions dominate online conversation

Mostly the “frog-eating cutie pie,” that’s the “cutest thing” ever:

frog eating cutie pie, baby yoda

For whom the internet would set Groot on fire to keep warm:

fans would light baby groot on fire for baby yoda

Beyond that, what else are people loving about Disney+ right now? So much.

  • People drawing sketches of Baby Yoda
  • Videos fans create of Harry Styles singing to Baby Yoda
  • And Jennifer Lopez and other celebrities each mentioning their love for Baby Yoda on the red carpet
  • There are thousands of other tweets and posts about how much people like or love . . . Baby Yoda
  • And there are Mandalorian fan club items as well. But mostly, yep – you already know.

top terms trending about disney plus

That’s not to imply that Disney+ only has Star Wars to offer viewers – not in the least. But Baby Yoda’s adorable factor will likely dominate online conversation till the season finale, which will take place just ahead of the next movie release – the ninth and final installment in the original Star Wars saga, The Rise of Skywalker.

baby yoda fan art

Till then, Disney (or any brand running a campaign with one experiencing superior engagement) can always filter out its Star Wars, Mandalorian and Baby Yoda results to see what else is doing well, but is comparatively invisible in scope.

Finding Hidden Insights

By hiding insights from search results (so they don’t come up in results, but still apply to overall topic sentiment and are available for analysis purposes unless specifically excluded), we can see That’s So Raven and The Incredibles both doing very well with viewers right now too:

Other disney plus shows that are resonating well with audience and can be found with filtered search

Further data filtering would be required to remove every instance of this series, but once created, the anlaysis can be saved for ongoing monitoring and audience understanding that captures important insight for multiple campaigns – not just whatever the top draw is.

Filtering it out is easy (or it should be!):

filters in netbase for finding precise insight

And couple that with transparent, easy to investigate insight and a brand is left with valuable, actionable intel that takes brand marketing well beyond the loudest voice in the room.

That’s what audience insight offers brands – a world of opportunity and potential. And the top tools, like NetBase, that offer next generation AI-powered analytics, that can also inform important decisions around which of those opportunities to pursue!

Reach out and we’ll show you how that looks for your category.

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