With Facebook’s IPO finally hitting last week, everyone was tracking updates from the world’s biggest social network, including NetBase. Having been in business for only 8 years, but already surpassing 900 million active users (!!!), Facebook has changed the entire landscape of technology and business, and has been part of the reason that NetBase is even in business. Even as a historically late adopter of technology, I’ve managed to turn my Facebook profile into a great way to keep in touch with family and friends and stay up on their lives.

So, with all the news about Facebook recently (GM pulling funding, Zuckerberg and his hoodie, Zuckerberg and his wedding, just to name a few…)  it’s really no surprise that Saturday, May 19th’s installment of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker was Facebook-centric as well.  Nothing in life is free, but co-founder Eduardo Saverin apparently thinks his IPO is – Saverin announced plans to renounce his US citizenship and move to Singapore, thereby avoiding taxes on his Facebook shares. 49% of the conversation from Facebook and Twitter users opposed this, while 19% supported it and 30% thought people were overreacting. 2% of the conversation revolved around jokes – and I stuck with those, once again! Let’s check out some of the extras below:

“When life gives you a multi-billion dollar corporation and an upcoming IPO worth nearly a billion itself… Denounce your American citizenship to avoid paying taxes.” -Eduardo Saverin.

“Eduardo Saverin sent you a request in Tax Haven”.

Looks like his financial advisors have been working hard!

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