I recently found myself looking into the online dating world and was at a loss for the sheer amount of options that were available to me. Not knowing where to start, I did what any good millennial would do — consulted my peers on the internet. But why just ask close buddies when I could get opinions and feedback from all of the social media with NetBase platform as my guide. With that in mind, I took a look at some of the more popular dating sites.

First, I needed to know what site to join. My original options were Match.com and eHarmony. I learned that people are starting to talk more about joining Match.com, using words such as “set up”, “use”, “register” and “join”. At the same time, even though eHarmony used to be a popular choice last year, fewer and fewer people are talking about joining the site now. You can clearly see the trend in the graph below.

Online Dating Mentions Over Time

Second, my goal was to see if people active on the dating sites were the right match for me. I expanded my search to include a few other popular dating sites. As a male looking for a female, I wanted to be sure “the odds were ever in my favor”. The chart below gives an overview of how much women and men talk about each dating site and how positive they feel it. I found that mentions of Match.com are evenly split between women and men. Also, people tend to speak favorably about the site, as indicated by the high net sentiment score of 35% for women and 20% for men.

People talking about dating sites are most positive about the site called Zoosk. However, the volume of conversation for it is among the lowest. I took away that there are quality dating prospects on Zoosk, but the pool of candidates looked a little shallow. Overall, based on the women to men ratio and how favorably people speak about each site, I thought that Match.com is a better option for what I am looking for.

Online Dating Data

Finally, one of the most common issues or dislikes about online dating is the number of fake profiles of people pretending to be someone they are not, commonly referred to as “catfish”. No one wants to be deceived when looking for a significant other, and it was important that I felt like I could trust the users of whatever site I ended up using. The chart below shows how people perceive the number of catfish for the five dating sites I considered. Match.com has the highest number of conversations about fake profiles and these conversations are usually negative.

Online Dating Data

After getting a pretty solid understanding of how different sites compare according to reviews on social, I started to ask myself “Why don’t more companies do the same?” People in their personal life use consumer reviews and feedback on the internet all the time. Looking for a new fridge? See which one got the best reviews on Amazon. Looking for a new computer? See what Newegg reviews say. We should be willing to use social media in the same way for business. After all, it’s important to know whether we are entering a lasting relationship with our customers or just having a fling.

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