Our NetBase LIVE Pulse dashboard has always offered the opportunity to monitor brand, campaign, category and competitor performance in real-time while tracking emerging trend information that can alert brands to a crisis brewing; but now, we’ve added two new product suite offerings that will allow brands to take their social listening to new, more deeply-integrated heights.

Introducing NetBase LIVE Pulse Mashup and NetBase Live Pulse Unleashed. These new additions were created with key decision-makers in mind, designed to work within the short time-frames they often have to absorb crucial data and take action. It’s social listening for the C-suite – and much more.

Now, in addition to all that NetBase LIVE Pulse does best – monitoring brand and competitor performance on the go, identifying the most shared images, discovering the most engaging posts, and identifying influencers – the LIVE Pulse suite has been expanded to include visualization of data for at-a-glance understanding by those in the C-suite tasked with acting on these insights. Because when real-time is the goal, top executives need the fastest way possible to absorb the metrics that matter most.

And what better way than a literal snapshot of that data to quickly convey all they need to know as it’s happening?

See what you want, when you want

Choosing from mentions, impressions, Net Sentiment, geo hotspots (conversations by location), emerging topics, most-shared images, most retweets, and more, using NetBase LIVE Pulse Mashup, those in the boardroom can create customizable real-time dashboards from over 60 sources to see how social consumer response impacts business KPIs – with views that integrate metrics for CRM, web traffic, sales, social media, brand images, finance and stock data, and more. Instantly. And with NetBase LIVE Pulse Unleashed, you can showcase your social customer testimonials in real-time by displaying our widgets onto your web properties.

But it’s not just for the C-suite (who need to understand brand perception) – all members of the team can access the insights they need to make course corrections:

  • Brand Marketers can figure out what’s working, what’s not, and what’s driving share of voice and loyalty from campaign to campaign
  • Digital Marketers can identify key trends, images, and influencers as they emerge as well as how your brand stacks up to the competition
  • PR & Communications can be alerted to potential issues before they’ve gone viral
  • Customer Care can be alerted to online complaints and solve stock and service problems before the customer is lost

The ability to monitor all these aspects of social, in conjunction with financial information and other KPIs, has never been more readily available – or more necessary. Social data has so much to offer brands, but only if they are aware of what consumers are sharing quickly enough to act when needed.

NetBase LIVE Pulse allows those tasked with making those calls the real-time information they need to leverage social media without giving up any ground. And that’s important – because brands can lose the advantage in a snap nowadays.

Anything that can save time and give you an edge is worthwhile – and that’s exactly what data visualization can do. And it’s what we’ve done here. Check it out.

Reach out today to see how NetBase LIVE Pulse can give you the most complete picture of your brand – and your competitors – on social.

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