I have always been an animal lover. When it comes to bambis, though, I must say I like them better when they’re not eating our fruit trees and trampling our freshly bloomed flowers to death. That being said, though, I would never wish them harm and had no idea that interfering with deer was a criminal offense. When I checked out the February 2nd installment of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker, powered by NetBase, on the couple who saved Dani the Deer from coyote-inflicted wounds and the subsequent criminal charges they are facing, I was curious to see the social media response.  It was a fairly low response in terms of volume, but an overwhelming 69% were all for saving the animal, while 21% agreed with the charges and 10% cracked jokes. Check out some of the extra jokes:

Remember when adults could actually think through a problem? Indiana couple faces possibility of jail time after rescuing injured deer.

If you see any elephants tonight, Indiana DNR reminds you: no rescuing.   #bambigate

RT @marybschneider: #INGov late to his #Bambigate news conference.  Want to bet a buck that we will fawn over this kerfuffle?

This story mostly caught my eye because my brother’s name is Dani, and you don’t see that spelling too often – but what’d you think?? Let me know in the comments!

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