Currency has come in many forms over the centuries.  Here in the US we have some odd ones like the 2 dollar bill or the Susan B. Anthony coin, which just didn’t seem to take off. Currency also evolves – when I backpacked through Europe in my late teens, I could not keep track of all those colorful bills from country to country, and now there is the ubiquity of the  Euro (except for the UK of course). And apparently now, there’s something new that goes into the digital world: Bitcoin, an e-currency. The April 13th installment of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker, powered by NetBase, covered the social media response to the digital currency and the rollercoaster it seems to be on lately. 47% of Facebook and Twitter users talking about Bitcoin think it’s a good idea, while 50% think it’s ultimately bad, and 3% cracked jokes. Check out some of the other jokes we found below:

 So bitcoin is awesome ’cause it doesn’t have inflation…  it just has panic attacks?  Crazy investment?  Perhaps.  Currency?  No.

RT @zacharye: Bitcoin at $67 and falling.  Economy of Narnia in shambles.

I keep praying for a bit more coin.  Instead, the world got Bitcoin.

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