How the CX Team at NetBase Quid® Helps Brands Hit the Ground Running

Kimberly Surico |
 01/20/23 |
4 min read

How the CX Team at NetBase Quid Helps Brands Hit the Ground Running

Customer support is everything, particularly when a brand needs help with the platform housing its consumer and market intelligence. A brand’s success with its business intelligence-gathering efforts depends on it! Fortunately, NetBase Quid® has a dedicated CX team that helps brands hit the ground running—and we’ll share a bit about this unique offering below.

In today’s fast-paced market, companies need their consumer and market research analysts to quickly conquer learning curves, as lost time equals lost opportunities and revenue. But this concern is foreign to NetBase Quid® customers, as they’re immediately onboarded by our CX Team and have users up and running pretty immediately.

We recently interviewed Jenny Estioko, Manager of Customer Care, to learn how they make this magic happen and why customers are always happily surprised this unique service exists. And we also have Part Two, where we dig into specific examples of the team in action

What does NetBase Quid’s CX Team do?

Our goal as a customer experience team is to be a single source of truth within the company. Analytics can be challenging; there are many formulas to remember and caveats and metrics to know and understand how they’re used and calculated.

However, any client of NetBase Quid®, no matter how big or small, has access to our global support team and customer care line and can ask for help, get advice, have us troubleshoot issues, help them with logging in, or anything.

We also have a few teams to support our customers according to their specific needs—Customer Care, Education and Empowerment, Business Analytics, and Customer Analytics. 

customer experience functions

Our education and empowerment team acts as and offers, in digital format, a continual guide for brands that walks them through learning how to use the tool. So they can overcome initial learning curves and extract meaningful insight from day one!

Can you expand on how you onboard new customers with this training ‘baked in’ to every engagement?

In the beginning, after an initial demonstration of the platform, customers want to spend time getting familiar with the tool to explore it and sort out what questions to ask. So, we send customer engagement emails that help them cover the basics and start moving forward immediately.

As the customer learns and becomes more knowledgeable, our messaging grows and evolves with them, bringing them through a series of steps, and they progress to more advanced capabilities.

By the end of the year, customers are performing more sophisticated analyses such as brand analysis and crisis tracking—and our messaging adapts to reflect that.

Everything is readily available to support users at their own pace with our getting started materials and access to NetBase 360 and Quid 360, our in-house knowledge bases.

Share a bit about the NetBase360 and Quid360 differences and how each helps companies.  

NetBase 360 and Quid 360 are a part of our “101” approach to guiding customers through the ins and outs of NetBase Quid®. But they are slightly different: NetBase is used more for tracking, while Quid is for discovery.

NetBase 360 is where we suggest customers begin. It helps brands start with tracking core use cases, including conversations around their brand, crisis tracking, and competitor monitoring in their space. Next, the learning modules guide them through ways to benchmark against others and evaluate how they are performing as a brand and in the broader industry.

With Quid 360, brands usually go in with a question they need answering. They want to fill a knowledge gap, or maybe they want to learn something new. Sometimes, they have a hunch about something and need it confirmed. Whatever you want to understand about an industry, Quid will tell you.

And both tools work together to help provide a complete picture

For example, with Quid, if there’s a damaging tweet that you are unaware of, Quid Social will flag it. Then you can track this potential trouble spot in NetBase by surfacing the tweet and any responses and sentiment around it, heading off possible repercussions.

Users can also take specific courses and earn NetBase Quid expert certifications to post on their LinkedIn pages to distinguish their agency as possessing this expertise. And we know from our customers (both agencies and the leading organizations that hire them) that this certification is something brands pay attention to when searching for an agency to hire.

Additionally, it is transferable from agency to agency and company to company, so it’s essential to know.

netbase quid certified badges

When selecting a consumer and market research vendor, are there non-negotiable items that agencies and brands must have on their CX checklist? 

Having an organized approach to learning is essential. You don’t want your customer experience to be one of confusion and lack of understanding, particularly not when taking data analysis capabilities.

Make sure there are proper learning materials and guides to help you navigate. This is critical because brands having a tool you can’t operate effectively is a massive waste of time and money. These materials should be free and accessible knowledge bases that include not just the basics but use-case-specific best practices that are heavily documented.

Going hand-in-hand with this is providing global support. At NetBase Quid®, we have someone available to support clients worldwide in any time zone. Someone will always respond to you during your region’s business hours. For example, if you’re in India, we have someone in Taipei who’s working those regular business hours and will respond to your topic on that business day.

And then look for a company with a tenured team with real people and not bots. I’ve been with NetBase Quid® for almost ten years, and many team members have been here for three years or more. That low turnover speaks to how the company works internally. 

Having the proper support makes all the difference as you learn how to use any tool, particularly a consumer and market research platform that connects any number of data sources in one business intelligence offering. The possibilities for this technology are limitless. And it’s why we offer intense one-on-one experiences to ensure you get everything you can from the platforms.

Watch for Part Two of our conversation with Jenny, where we explore how your platform’s CX capabilities can be a game changer, with specific examples from leading brands and the custom learning solutions we’ve created for them!

And if you’re ready to experience a taste of NetBase Quid’s exceptional onboarding capabilities, be sure to reach out for a demo!

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