7 Secrets CX Analytics Reveal About Retail Consumers
Carol Feigenbaum |
 05/28/19 |
4 min read

7 Secrets CX Analytics Reveal About Retail Consumers

Retail consumers are a fickle lot. Capturing their loyalty does not mean they’ll stay with you tomorrow – but you can hedge your bets with the seven CX secrets social analytics reveal about them!

Stay Loyal to Your Base

Ever see a sale that’s targeted toward new customers? While it’s important to capture new customers, the real prize is when you can retain existing ones, and keeping tabs on customer satisfaction via popular online conversation and associated hashtags is key to mastering this tactic.

Knowing that what music is currently – or becoming – popular when you have a trendy coffee shop that hosts local bands may be key to retaining your client base and attracting new ones.

And while creating offers for potential new clients is good, creating loyalty offers for existing customers that are even better makes the most sense. You don’t want to drive existing clients away by offering something amazing to new people at a lower prices, while taking existing customers’ loyalty for granted.

Last Mile Matters

One way to show appreciation is with last mile offers. Having purchases delivered – and fast – is the new expectation. That “last mile” in the purchase funnel is what’s setting Amazon apart from competitors. Not only is it fast, it’s also free for Prime members:

And it’s getting even faster, with expanded delivery options that offer a two-hour delivery for some items by farming out the work to “regular people” via an Uber-esque disruption: Amazon Flex.

The service is creating jobs while enhancing service, though there are still apparently glitches to figure out:

eCommerce is Everything

And, as you’ve likely realized after spending any amount of time online – eCommerce really is everything. Showrooming is expected and in-store purchases are happening further down the funnel than ever before, thanks to cheaper prices and that last mile awesome that Amazon is offering.

Vitamin Shoppe saw the writing on the digital wall and focused on creating a robust subscription service offering to supplement in-store purchases.

Because although the sentiment is high, the sale is hard.

There’s a big difference between selling other products — say, fashion or apparel — online [and] selling health and wellness products online,” Norpel explained. “Purchasing a health and wellness product for the first time is something that’s a lot different than buying a new T-shirt. It is a very personal choice.

Brick & Mortar Still Meaningful

But don’t discount Brick & Mortar! Bath & Body Works still has robust in-store sales and it’s not just because they know beauty products – they were able to corner the micro-influencer market before there was even a name for it!

Their stores offer a mix of welcoming atmosphere and expected innovation, that has loyal followers eager to secure test items and review the store’s pocketbook-friendly wares first.

They also offer online shopping with in-store pickup, so have embraced showrooming in an ingenious way – as we all know impulse buys in-store are a lucrative commodity.

In-store Experiences are Brands’ Wildcard

And getting consumers in-store is always the goal, assuming there is an “in store.” Nordstrom offers a blueprint, of sorts for that!

Nordstrom has become a hub for everyday living, offering upscale experiences for shoppers along with very little inventory. Clients come in to spend the day, get everything done at this one-stop-shop and leave with all their errands done and possibly a massage to boot.

Brands don’t have to follow this model and offer everything at once, but targeting specific experiences to entice shoppers to visit makes sense. Some stores offer augmented reality changing rooms, where shoppers can see how clothes will look without the bother of trying them on.

Or IKEA has been known to offer influencer sleepovers.

It’s all about the experience. Discover yours by watching what influencers are talking about and which conversations are engaging to their followers.

Perfect Personalization at Scale

Personalizing offerings for influencers is one thing, but what about everyone else? You need to master personalization at scale. And Sephora does this masterfully. The brand offers mobile and desktop experiences where shoppers can virtually try on makeup “to ensure they pick the right shades to match their unique complexions.”

And their promotions, most recently the “cream lip stain” are a hit with their very vocal brand loyalists:

Though no matter what you a brand does, some people will never be happy and tell the world about that displeasure.

But it’s important to note that consumers are just as likely to share service praise as they are criticism, even though it doesn’t feel that way when it happens. Just be sure to give them good things to say about you as often as possible:

Demanding Disruption

Brands don’t have to be disruptive to get ahead, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. And with attention spans at an all-time low and trending downward, fast and flashy won’t cut it, as everything is attempting to be that eye-catching awesomeness for precisely that reason.

Novel approaches offering solutions to consumer needs and wants will win the day. The Uber or Airbnb of your category is out there – and a better offering that will best each of those is in the making somewhere as well. And if it isn’t, it’s not for lack of intel to inform its creation.

It’s all about capturing audience insight and spotting those needs and wants first – and acting upon them. And that last part is hard to accomplish if you can’t trust the insight you’re capturing, so be sure your data is spot on before betting it all on red.

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