Why Customer Reviews Matter: A NetBase Customer Exclusive

Kimberly Surico |
 08/11/15 |
3 min read

reviewsPeople are always more apt to use a product or service that comes highly recommended from a trusted source – and our software is no exception. Customer reviews placed on the right websites can be highly influential toward bringing new clients to your site, and, in our case – new brands looking for that social listening edge.

But businesses aren’t the only ones who benefit from online reviews – those writing the reviews do too! Here’s how:

  • They’re viewed as thought leaders – and that subject matter expertise makes them more valuable in their own professional circles.
  • Sharing valuable tips and tricks is a great way to start a conversation with others in the tech world, providing a great networking opportunity.
  • And, in the case of clients reviewing NetBase, there’s the added perk of exclusive early access and beta testing of upcoming NetBase features ahead of everyone else.
  • Also, the company the reviewer works for is viewed as particularly tech savvy, and that is always a welcome accolade in any industry these days.

But wait, we said exclusive early Beta access? That’s right! As a thank you for reviewing our products, you’ll be first to know what’s coming, and help us streamline new features before they’re released to the public—that’s if you’re interested in this, of course.

To take part in this new Beta Group project, send us a link to your review on one of these sites:

G2 Crowd – In their words G2 Crowd offers, “Transparent, unbiased software recommendations from your peers.” That’s an important distinction against reviews made by analysts who don’t use software in the same way an enterprise would. Reviews come from validated users, administrators, implementers and “social signals” to capture a more complete picture of software listed.

Trust Radius – Offering an “honest, knowledgeable and outspoken” community for enterprises to rely on as they’re choosing technology to run their businesses, Trust Radius is set apart by their commitment to in-depth structured reviews, regularly updated content, authenticated reviewers, product comparison options, and free Buyers’ Guides created from user reviews.

IT Central Station – Called “Yelp for CIOs” by the Wall Street Journal, IT Central Station is a tech review site focused solely on the needs of enterprises, which differ from those of consumers and SMBs. According to co-founder and CEO Russell Rothstein, “Our community is made up of decision makers and influencers from Fortune 1000, Global 2000 and medium-size enterprises – from CIOs and CMOs to other key stakeholders for purchasing enterprise tech.” That’s a community worth joining.

DiscoverCloud – Is a leading destination for decision-makers to find SaaS business apps – like NetBase Live Pulse. Their goal is to “bring clarity to a cluttered market.” And you can help them.

Whatever you love about NetBase – the deep social insights, how easy it is to use, the great ROI – we hope you’ll share it on these sites, and help spread the word about how we give brands the edge they need through advanced social listening and analysis.

And be sure to send us the link to your review so we can share it web-wide via our significant social presence and give that ‘thought leader’ standing of yours a well-deserved boost!

We look forward to sharing new features with you as we continue to grow.

About the Author: Hope is VP of Marketing at NetBase, where she focuses on digital strategy, branding and lead generation. In the 15+ years preceding, she has launched new lines of business, growing companies from infancy through acquisition, and has lead multi-channel marketing efforts for Fortune 1000 companies and international startups. Connect with her here.

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