Create Advertising with Bite! How Brands Use Consumer Analytics

Standing out from competitors online isn’t easy in any industry, but it’s particularly challenging in some of the super popular markets, like pet care. In a saturated market, it’s easy for consumers to scroll by unless a brand can hook them with something both emotionally compelling and relevant to their needs––and it can’t feel manipulative. Consumer analytics are the key to creating advertising with bite and we’re going to show you how it’s done!

The Importance of Continuous Consumer & Market Intelligence

The world is increasingly complex. And in marketing, traditional analysis isn’t enough to spot changing consumer behaviors and shifting sentiments. Meeting consumers’ unmet needs calls for consumer analytics that pack a punch.

Pet industry leader, Fetch, is a great example of a brand using social analytics to zero in on their consumers to better understand them – and with better understanding comes better marketing. And this understanding is a necessity, as these consumer stats reveal:

  • 70% of consumers want brands to offer a more personalized experience – to do this you need consumer analytics, which offers more than basic demographics.
  • 53% of marketers use message personalization in their email marketing strategy. Additionally, 72% say it has been one of the most effective tactics – but personalization goes beyond just email.
  • Brands can foster a life-long relationships with consumers by understanding their needs and wants––and providing it before they ask.

And consumer analytics can help you do all of this, as well as understanding outside factors which influence consumer behavior. Let’s explore!

Pet Industry Overview

We love our pets for many reasons. They’re cute, offer companionship and 83% of consumers say that little Fido keeps them calm during stressful times. Globally, there are 470 million dogs kept as pets and roughly 370 million pet cats. And, most relevant of all––pets are an influencing factor in purchase behavior.

A recent study revealed that pet owners are influenced by ads in which their fluffy (or scaley or feathery) friends are mascots, characters or “spokespersons.” We adore them so much that they influence us as just as much as a friend.

It’s this love that drove the pet industry to 126 billion in 2021 within the U.S. alone. And it’s an industry that shows no sign of slowing.

The conversation on pets as a whole is too large to show here, however we can focus our attention on man’s best friend, the dog. Below, using social listening, we uncovered themes that are driving the dog care conversation:


Our largest cluster Dog Care speaks to consumers taking care of animals that may be neighborhood strays, or those in shelters. Human Food is a big conversation which tackles dog food quality. And Pet Insurance is there as well.

Using conversations like these, Fetch began to look for clues on how to appeal to consumers when it comes to pet health insurance. Our furry friends create the 2.8 billion pet insurance industry in the U.S. and Canada, however, only 3% of dogs and cats in these two countries are insured.

Fetch realized it was not a question finding a spot at the table, but how to appeal to the other 97% of pet owners who have yet to insure their sassy Siamese. It turns out, the answer lay in consumer interests.

Consumer Analytics to Understand Interests

Understanding consumers is more than just basic demographics such as age or ethnicity. Individuals are made up of much more than that, of course. We are doctors, teachers and dancers. We like grapes and apples but hate bananas. We love to cross-stitch and hike but would go out of our way to never have to cook. These are the details that make up who we are and influence purchase behavior. For brands seeking to understand their audiences better, uncovering these nuances offers insight to create messaging that stands out.

Returning to the Dog Care conversation, we can use consumer research to extract interests shared by consumers frequenting these pet friendly chats:


Some are a little on the nose, such as Pets. But Shopping, Outdoors, Beauty, and Home and Garden are other influential aspects that consumers consider, and perhaps, combine with their favorite feline, of high maintenance. It’s not unusual to find a dog, cat or even lizard with their own Instagram these days, yet another example of how inter-connected our pets are to not just us, but who we are and what we do:

And Fetch used these consumer analytics to uncover interests and factors outside their control, revealing that what consumers really wanted was more time with their furry companions. More time is just what their pet health insurance could offer.

By focusing on this angle, Fetch could reach a hesitant consumer base and drive home how pet insurance can deliver more cuddles, more kisses, and over all, just more time with your favorite pet.

Behaviors Signaling Shifts in Consumer Journey

Today, for pet owners, more time may be the driving factor in purchasing. But tomorrow, who knows?  Maybe it will be holistic medical offerings. Tracking consumer behavior will be integral to getting your messaging and timing right.

And it starts with analyzing the purchase stage, understanding buying behavior and understanding those underlying pain points.  Doing this can uncover behavioral shifts in the consumer journey.

Analyzing behaviors helps us understand what consumers hope your brand can change. Maybe they like you as a brand, but a recent product just didn’t meet their expectations. Or perhaps, they love your products, but your customer service is lacking. Looking at the purchase path for dog care and products, we can begin to see what the detractors are. Below marked in green we see drivers for purchasing. Phrases such as Homemade Dog Food, Natural Ingredients, Healthier and Proper Nutrition stand out. And when we look at barriers (in red) we see Nutritionally Unsound, Recall, and Contaminate with Beetle Larva:


So, the same reason consumers are purchasing dog products, are the same reasons they’re avoiding others – and it all revolves around pet health.

As a dog product brand, understanding that health and nutrition influences whether they will become one of your loyal fans is critical. This intel can help you reach them and provide them with what they ultimately want – a healthy choice for Fido or Fifi.

The consumer journey is not a straight line. The path can have many hills, valleys and circles, but with the right guidance, you can provide a seamless, smooth experience that improves overall conversion. And that starts with understanding interests, outside influences and consumer behaviors which ultimately influence purchasing decisions.

You can run with the big dogs, like Fetch, and become the leader of your pack. All you need are consumer analytics capabilities with a bite that matches it bark. Reach out for a demo!

The Importance of Continuous Consumer & Market Intelligence

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