CPG coronavirus cooking around the world

Being stuck inside has most of the world getting reacquainted with their spatula and mixing bowls. With everyone cooking at home right now, this gives brands opportunities, if they’re listening! Tracking trends of coronavirus cooking around the world reveals lots of potential for many CPG categories.

Chefs Cooking with Their Kids

Chefs are home cooking with their children and some like Massimo Bottura, are taking this opportunity to unite with people across the globe and demonstrate how to dine “out” from home.

An idea from his daughter,  Massimo hosts Kitchen Quarantine on Instagram, showing millions all over the world how to make delicious foods from very little. While Massimo speaks in his native Italian tongue, his wife translates in English, making this a fun family affair. Answering cooking questions, this chef is the combination of doting dad and domestic bliss, and his humanity touches his 1.3 million followers. “Despite the loneliness and being isolated in our homes, we can connect and talk to people all over the world,” Massimo explained. “This is something very special.”


Something special indeed! And chefs and restaurants aren’t the only ones showing their humanity and engaging with consumers this way. King Arthur Flour, a leader in CPG baking products, began its own show called The Isolation Baking Show, and viewers can watch it directly on Facebook.


From rustic loaves, to delicious treats like lemon cake, this baking royalty shows how comfort is done. By pairing their bready delights with recipes for soups and other main courses, they are proving they aren’t just a baking company, but a real resource for recipes during this time. And consumers are enjoying showing off their fresh baked results with pride, thankful to have found this flour child.


But it’s not just bread people are after….

Popular Recipes People are Making

Cooking at home has given consumers back their sense of control, as they cope with their anxiety. No real surprise that what quarantined consumers want is more recipes.

There are a lot of obvious choices out there for comfort cooking, soups being at the top of the list. Other popular recipes you’ll come across are pasta and plenty of rice dishes. Using mostly non-perishables, these recipes can best be described as stretcher meals, they make a lot at once and allow you to eat off them for a few days, offering the most for your hard-earned dollar.

Having a product that is versatile during this penny-pinching time is important.  Brands like Campbells and Hormel who offer products like canned soups and canned meat are a clear shoe-in for this social distancing. Less obvious brands are getting more creative in order to engage with consumers, such as Bonne Maman.

Using a little strategic marketing and appealing to the child in all of us, this sweet preserves company reels in its customers by showing us an American classic PB&J.


Once there, consumers stay for the recipes! Featuring main dish ideas, Bonne Maman is showing that they aren’t just a company that gets spread on toast.

Flexing their adaptability muscles, this CPG company also offers a little extra in the way of reduce and reuse, going green to provide much needed DIY solutions for both boredom and usefulness.


It’s plain to see, recipes, and companies offering them, are the big star right now.

We can use a dash of social analytics to see who is tweeting about food trends in quarantine and look at their sentiments on having recipes available to them.


But with food comes physical responsibility…..

Battling the Quarantine 15

Be sure, we may all come out of this a few pounds heavier. As a smart solution, gyms everywhere are offering work-ins to engage with their customer base. Staying on top of their social listening game, Gold’s Gym is offering free online streaming of workouts for everyone.


Zeroing in on consumers need for encouragement, their new slogan “Stronger Anywhere”, offers the message of strength and resilience.

Digging in further and analyzing social impressions allows companies to peek into consumers and would-be customers and see where they might fit in with present day wants and needs. Social listening opens the world up to businesses, seeing how the consumer base feels about topics that are important to growth. Below is a graph showing consumer reactions to work-in’s during this time.


And once again, we can see what words they are using to express themselves surrounding this topic.


Of course, working out is only one part of staying healthy, what we put in our body makes a difference, which is where Daily Harvest comes in.

Focused on the research that Millennials hate to cook, owner Rachel Drori created Daily Harvest as a healthy alternative to prepared meals. When Coronavirus became a threat, she readied her farmers and food production to handle the surge of requests for healthy quarantine food.  As more and more states began mandating residents stay home to avoid spreading the virus, sales have risen.

And customers have been actively posting about this healthy food option, thankful for the ‘no contact’ delivery system.


Consumers began not only buying for themselves but passing it on as a gift for loved ones…opening the doors for new potential customers.


It’s not just Daily Harvest everyone is talking about, but healthy food and lifestyle is important to many consumers world-wide especially during this time of social distancing. We can see those conversations here using market analysis.


Daily Harvest, King Arthur and Bonne Maman focused their CPG marketing efforts on social media channels and zeroed in on the conversation of food during quarantine and made sure they were ready. You can be too! Look more in depth at your company and the demands of your quarantined consumers to see where you can fit a need. And we’re happy to help you sort this out when you reach out for a demo!

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