What is Next Generation Consumer & Market Intelligence – And Why Brands Need It

Kimberly Surico |
 02/26/20 |
4 min read

What is Next Generation Consumer and Market Intelligence - And Why Brands Need It

There’s so much noise online that brands find it increasingly challenging to quickly and accurately distinguish between critical and non-essential business issues. Next generation consumer and market intelligence makes short work of this dilemma, offering a combo approach that’s reveals the diamond in the rough. And we’re going to show you how!

So Many Sources & Capabilities

When capturing online insight, a complete picture is key. NetBase Quid captures the most complete picture for brands, with an insight combo that businesses will be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Our source list includes, but is not limited to:

  • Social media
  • Business profiles
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • News articles
  • Patent applications
  • Consumer reviews
  • Voice of customer
  • Product reviews
  • Bring your own data

That last bit is important, as we’re able to integrate businesses’ CRM, survey and really all kinds of structured and unstructured data they have on hand an apply our powerful next generation AI to analyzing it as part of a big picture output.

And those big picture outputs are not only visually stunning, but exceptionally informative. Providing actionable intel that leaders need to make strategic business decisions in-the-moment. These critical business needs that include:

And it all starts with discovery . . .

Discovery is Where the Market Intelligence Search Starts

There’s lots to be said for having an overarching sense of your category – and most businesses do. But knowing what you don’t know is the crucial element that an equal number miss.

There are conversations that connect in ways that may not be readily apparent – or even considered, unless they pop out at you. And nothing pops quite as well as a visual representation of a category.

Here, for example, we can see what’s happening in the ecommerce category since January 1, 2020:

market intelligence discovery in Quid

From there, as we start to dig in to related conversations, with tendrils between clusters highlighting items that act as connectors between events, where we can explore relevant items.

For example, maybe Shopify joining Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra Association is of interest:

Shopify joining Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra Association

Or maybe staying on top of the latest in ecommerce fraud is important to you (as it’s important to everyone):

ecommerce fraud conversation snapshot

As we analyze the data, we can see which companies are capturing the most conversation in this space, along with the sentiment involved (green is positive, red is negative and yellow is neutral):

which companies are capturing the most conversation in the ecommerce category

And brands can merge clusters, as it makes sense for their purposes, and also rename them to more appropriate markers as they frame out the story.

Any conversational cluster can be explored in-depth, with intel that’s easily manipulated to create the outputs that make the most sense for whatever it is you’re trying to communicate. And then we can expand it with consumer intel. But first, a step back to understand the big picture.

The Big Picture Combo

Overall, NetBase Quid delivers precisely what brands need right now, and keeps them ahead of changes as they happen on and offline. To put a finer point on the strengths offered – our market intelligence is data that helps you better understand a particular company or industry by aggregating and analyzing data around company profiles, patent applications, academic papers, news articles, social media, job site reviews and more.

And out consumer intelligence helps businesses making the most of market intelligence insight by helping you better understand a particular set of consumers. We do this by aggregating and analyzing social media, customer reviews, product reviews, forums, blog posts, news articles and so much more. And then add whatever data sources brands bring to the table here as well, and its power becomes pretty limitless.

Best of all? This all happens in real-time, so your intel is never outdated and your business is able to pivot immediately, as needed. And you can bet that this ability has come in handy on many occasions for our customers.

Real-time Consumer Monitoring Wraps Insight In Context

Continuing with our ecommerce example, we can explore a snapshot of summary metrics, including how many mentions, posts, potential impressions and corresponding Net Sentiment (a measure from -100 to 100):

summary consumer metrics, including how many mentions, posts, potential impressions and corresponding Net Sentiment

Each point on that graph is clickable, each fluctuation in any measure is simple to explore:

fluctuation summary of consumer sentiment

And there are so many ways to slice and dice this real-time, best-in-class insight beyond that. Down to a granular level, actually. We’ll show you a couple of those ways to help understand its potential to your brand . .

Demographics Offer Details

We can capture demographics around our ecommerce audience, including gender, age, interests, professions, ethnicity and bio terms. Having access to the ways your target consumers describe themselves, along with other interests they tweet about? How amazingly helpful is it to have that insight handy?

Not only that, but you can see sound bites that make up each attribute, as our insight is entirely transparent. This way, you can always be sure of the accuracy of your insight as you can see exactly where it is coming from and what it’s based on:

demographics detailing consumer insight

And then worldwide conversation about a variety of relevant topics taking place right now in our content stream:

worldwide conversation about a variety of relevant topics taking place right now in our content stream

This not only helps you keep the pulse of many conversations, but see who is influencing others in a given category and whom who should be paying attention to – either as a potential influencer or as a detractor to watch out for.

Having faster, more accurate and actionable insight, delivered across billions of indexed resources can be a heady experience for any brand or agency – or so they tell us. The gems they find are remarkable. Reach out for a demo and let us know if you agree. Your next unexpected discovery is waiting!

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