Geography is an important social analytics metric – that’s why we venture near and far in our quest to understand consumer love for brands. Our latest NetBase Brand Passion Report 2019: Top Loved Australian Brands reveals insights about brands in the magical land of “Oz” – but there are takeaways for all brands everywhere.

The report examines the overall top, i.e., most loved, Australian brands as discussed on social media channels (English-language posts with an Australia geographic overlay) from January 1st, 2018 through January 1st, 2019.

Here are some highlights:

Size of Industry Is Not Always Equal to Share of Voice

We analyzed a number of Australian industries, including: Retail, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Food & Beverage, Airlines, Gaming, Media, Energy, Consumer Products, and Automobiles.

It might seem like simple math to assume the amount of conversation within each category would break down similarly, but that’s not the case. Though Retail was close at 40%, Airlines had a much higher Volume of Mention for its representation, at 26%, while Financial Services had a much lower relative Volume of Mention at 11%.

Just a reminder that the size of your industry – or brand – doesn’t necessarily translate proportionately to the size of the conversation it generates.

Also important: knowing that size of conversation alone doesn’t mean anything. You have to understand the emotions driving the conversation, and what’s inspiring them. But that’s exactly the point of a Brand Passion Report.

So what is driving the Aussie love across the blogs, forums, microblogs, news, review sites, Twitter, and Tumblr, Facebook fan pages, Instagram, and YouTube channels we analyzed?

Love Is in the Air – Literally

Qantas is not only the top airline in Australia, but also the top brand overall. This is pretty amazing considering how much the brand struggled a mere five years ago.

What’s responsible for the shift? A focus on customer service, and nonstop flights across long distances. They’re focused on making history with Project Sunrise – which will offer a 20-hour non-stop flight from Sydney to London by 2022.

This kind of innovative effort is a smart move – something all brands should aim for. Using innovative tools like AI analytics gives brands the insights needed to tackle such lofty goals – knowing it’s what their target consumers want. That desire should always be the driving force behind brand decision-making.

Aussies Are Passionate About Retail

Sentiment analysis doesn’t stop at identifying positive and negative emotions – it quantifies the depth of emotion consumers have for a given topic, or brand, as the case may be.

In the case of Australian retail, shoppers don’t just like their favorite brands – they love, love, love them!

Here’s a look at a few of the retail brands we researched:

Every brand in the Retail Top 10 (and several beyond) have Passion Intensity scores over 90, with several hitting a perfect 100.

Such positive numbers can be dangerous, actually – it can give brands a false sense of security, thinking they just can’t fail. This is a time to investigate what consumers love so you keep doing whatever you’re doing right. And to keep a close eye on competitors so you know immediately if anyone falls out of favor – so you can avoid doing the same.

Of note is American brand Target topping the Retail list – and coming in second on our list overall. This tells you Australia isn’t an impenetrable market, only giving preference to home-grown brands (though they do love those).

A great way to use a report like this – if you’re a brand that doesn’t have an Australian presence, but wants one – is for identifying brands worth partnering with as you expand geographically.

It’s a marvelous way to use geographic insights in general – as well as for keeping track of regional issues for your own brand. This is one more thing AI-supported analytics makes easy – and fast.

More Surprises Await, Mate!

There’s a lot more love on hand – as well as opportunities for some brands not getting as much as they could. Which industry and brands are surprisingly well-loved, and which ignored industry is a bit of a head-scratcher?

Download the full NetBase Brand Passion Report 2019: Top Loved Australian Brands to find out!

And reach out when you’re ready to find out how much love is out there for your brand!


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