Tracking Consumer Interests During Pride Month

Public perception makes all the difference to brands, as does understanding intent. It’s important to get to the heart of topical conversations, particularly when they take over an entire month. And we’re going to show you how, as there may be some nuanced conversations that brands are missing this Pride month, as they make assumptions about messaging that may not be on point.


Each year, consumers call for brands’ actions to better align with their Pride month advertising – and this year is no different . . . or is it?

Although we hear lots of buzz about brands rainbow washing, and it is certainly something to tread lightly around – the interests looming large for consumers this Pride month are not around whether or not Brand X is approaching the month authentically. Rather, as we can see below, the month we’re seeing conversations around family acceptance, challenges with religion and a variety of other interests that are attracting Pride consumer engagement. And the goal for brands is figuring out how to meet these consumers where they are – and in more ways than one – as they explore these interests this Pride month. This post will detail how!


Family PRIDE Promotional Opportunities

With a push for and against everything LGBTQ+ looming large across the U.S., consumers are feeling stress and want to provide safe, inclusive opportunities for their children. Just how many people are saying they’re “worried” so far this month (from June 1- 14)? The number is significant.


Thinking of ways to help ease their worries is a great way to demonstrate their voices are being heard. For starters, the push for inclusive language and understanding supporting lgbtq+ families is evident. This should take brands beyond “pride” merch to language focused on sharing how the business is transforming their organizations’ cultures, or the world, to embrace this community.

But how can businesses demonstrate these culture shifts? Two ways stand out – planning events and contributing to causes that protect and promote LGBTQ+ rights. We’ll briefly speak to the conversations we’re seeing around each below.

Planning Pride Events that Speak to Consumer Interests & Concerns

When it comes to planning Pride celebrations, arts and crafts, music and gaming are all popular choices – as evidenced by our ‘interests’ infographic above. With new Pride events being planned year-over-year, there are key sensitivities to keep in mind when doing so.


Thinking through safety protocols ahead of events that speak to specific community concerns is smart – for many reasons. First, the group, as a whole, is unfortunately practiced in dealing with these threats and likely has good insight to share that will enhance safety planning. Second, it not only encourages participation, but showcases a company’s specific care and attention toward it all, making you less likely to be labeled a dreaded panderer.

Allies win business that panderers lost by not paying attention to the details – all of which are openly offered by this and every target audience online!

Contributing to Causes for Pride Month

The obvious places to contribute for Pride Month are well known – the Trevor Project, The Human Rights Campaign Foundation and many other organizations compiled here.

But also, as we loop back to those interests, we see Pets as a popular conversation topic – and how better to connect with a hesitant audience than through their furry friends? This is particularly helpful as we know there’s always a degree of skepticism around companies doing whatever is quick and relatively painless to check that Pride box during the month of June.

Making an ongoing commitment demonstrating inclusive efforts matters though. It may not be something you can implement fully right now, but starting during this month and maintaining it going forward will attract a much larger consumer group than many brands anticipate.


And as it stands, the hesitancy is deeply ingrained and will require solid social listening and ongoing social media monitoring to stay ahead of.

But what if your brand doesn’t sell dog bandanas or anything for animals, really – are you doomed? Certainly not. When seeking out sponsorship opportunities, you can combine the best of both worlds and partner with a Pride event that has animal lovers in mind. Where does one find such an event? They’re promoted online regularly, as revealed by a quick google search. And many blogs, like Sassy Woof shares lists of these pet-friendly Pride events


Overall, finding a way to create support systems that include everyone and that takes particular care to welcome marginalized communities even beyond LGBTQ+ is a wise choice for any business. And regardless of which group is on your radar right now to better understand, we have the intel to inform your strategy moving forward! Be sure to reach out for a demo and watch this space for more ideas around ways to connect with new segments.


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