SMWONESMWONE was an entirely online event this year and NetBase Quid was an eager participant in a good number of panels, sharing consumer and market intelligence insight. This was arguably the best yet, with industry leaders bringing insight to inform every aspect of effectively running a global enterprise. Because as we all know, the social web has opened up the world to brands – or at least to those ready to participate in it!

We have a high-level overview of our panels below.

Building Impactful Campaign Strategies: How to Utilize Social Analytics During Difficult Times

This presentation kicked off our SMWONE participation and it was filled with super relevant insight from agency analytics experts, Brandon Billings, VP, Social Media & Content Strategy, MMGY and Laura Forester, Vice President, Strategy & Engagement, CHEMISTRY. They were joined by our own in-house expert, Kelsee Wilson, NetBase Quid Account Manager, acting as moderator.

During the session, Brandon and Laura shared best practices around a variety of crisis communication planning, including:

  • What steps are necessary to build a targeted consumer profile
  • How some of the world’s largest travel brands are using social listening to help identify content strategy and program initiatives
  • Using social listening to inform sentiment analysis and establish benchmarks as brands move through the phases of the COVID-19 crisis
  • How to use social analytics to capture community-stresses and shift communication strategy in the middle of crisis.

Having a deeper understanding of consumers likes, wants, needs, and behaviors, brands are able to create impactful and emotionally supportive campaigns that capture target audiences’ hearts and encourage action. And this also endears them to brands, building brand loyalty.

And social listening is instrumental to uncovering foundational elements of marketing and media relations campaigns. Watch to see how MMGY has used NetBase to do precisely this time and again:


And as Laura shared in the presentation, and below, NetBase Quid is key to helping leading agencies, or as they call CHEMISTRY, “culture labs” better understand and monitor behavior during a crisis. Click below to hear more from her about that:


Social media analytics insight helps agencies guide brands when they need to quickly pivot in response to emerging trends and shifting priorities. It’s a game changer when one chooses an accurate, transparent tool to partner with!

Understanding Audience Segments Using Social and Media Analytics

Our audience segmenting exploration offered extremely timely and relevant healthcare industry insight around the COVID-19 conversation. Zen Ahmed, Solutions Consultant and Zachary Mesenbourg, Director of Professional Services, both from our NetBase Quid team, led an information-packed session that showcased some amazing consumer and market intelligence insight capabilities that our tool offers.

Understanding not only conversation drivers for your target audiences, but also who that audience is and where in the world they’re located is important. Beyond that, Zen and Zachary demonstrated how to isolate key conversations using our powerful entity extractor to uncover top company, institution and people mentions in a particular industry:


Webinar participants walked away with insight around how to map out a comprehensive approach to find rich insights by mining the depths of social and media/news sources in any industry space. They offered a demonstration of an end-to-end process powered by next generation AI that contextualizes data in ways that can be sliced and diced any number of ways.

Using Insights to Guide and Measure Social Strategy for Virtual Events

iHeartMedia understands its audience, and during this presentation, Michelle Lin, Digital Programming Director, iHeartMedia Los Angeles shared insight around how it creates such relevant and well attended, live pop culture events. And our own event expert and analytics extraordinaire, Robyn Lindars, Product Marketing Director at NetBase Quid, joined the discussion!

As Michelle shared during the webinar and below, they recently had to pivot from live events to virtual. How did they manage to create a successful event and what did they learn for future events? Watch below to find out:


Although they have killer instincts in the space, relying solely on what they think their target audience wants would be fatal, so they employ powerful next generation AI-powered social analytics insight to inform their decision-making. And, along with their creativity, it has helped them come up with amazingly relevant ideas to support their events.

The post-event feedback gathered from metrics, helps them improve and innovate around future strategies. And having a way to very accurately measure success and deliver results to your sales team, sponsors and other key stakeholders has been incredibly valuable as well.

How Social Analytics Helps Maintain Business Agility in Times of Crisis

Continuing with the crisis communication capabilities, we had a large panel share ways social analytics helps brands stay agile in times of crisis. Our own Robyn Lindars interviews an incredible lineup of industry experts, including:

  • George Conboy, Head of Strategy, Match Marketing
  • Nand Kishore Poddar, Functional Consultant – Marketing Command Center, ITC Limited
  • Ryan Baker, Social Customer Care Manager, Nutrisystem
  • Libba Peromsik, Senior Manager, Social Media Analytics, Walt Disney Television

The discussion was fast-paced and informative, covering a range of topics with specific examples from each organization around:

  • Why trend analysis and baseline metrics matter
  • Ways to engage, respond and be proactive
  • How to maintain flexibility in campaign timing
  • When to pivot the message to keep it personalized and authentic
  • Using social media data to inform critical business decisions
  • How to use social analytics to stay aware of the competition during COVID pandemic

Ultimately, everyone agreed that going dark in times of crisis is never an option; engaged consumers are (often) repeat consumers; and, the ability to adjust campaigns in real-time while maintaining brand affinity was crucial. And all of this was made possible with advanced social media analytics data.

Building a Data Driven Social Strategy: Context to Content

And finally, during this illuminating NetBase Quid product demo, Mike Baglietto, Global Head of Product Marketing, and Robyn Lindars, Product Marketing Director ran NetBase Quid through its paces to demonstrate some of its stunning capabilities!


Participants were given a quick intro around how to gain a highly contextualized understanding of the social and news media landscape to inform faster, more effective decision making in whatever space they occupy, including ways to:

  • Identify trending topics and themes gaining traction on social media
  • Understand which stories in the news media are going viral
  • How to develop content that connects with your audience

It’s something we enjoy sharing with folks, so it was a fast-paced, information packed webinar! Be sure to reach out for a demo of either platform to see how we can help you capture the pulse of any industry – and stay on top of emerging trends in this global, evolving marketplace!


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