New Sentiment Analysis Tool Reveals Consumer Auras
Kimberly Surico |
 04/01/22 |
4 min read

New Sentiment Analysis Tool Reveals Consumer Auras

Brands face an uphill battle when it comes to understanding fickle consumers, but we have a new tactic to add to your arsenal: consumer aura analysis. It’s an exceptionally advanced capability that you’ll only find here – and we’re excited to tell you all about it!

First, what is an aura? It’s a human energy field – an almost ethereal quality that gives outward expression of a person’s soul, subtly framing them in hue of color that is only detectable by the trained practitioner. And now, quite uniquely – it is detectable by our platform as well

This is a timely technological advancement, and one that brands will want to prioritize, as we can see the conversation about auras consistently trending with a solid subset of the population – and especially with music listeners who are attuned to their “Audio Auras.” Brands that understand how these sounds correlate with consumer aura intel can create campaigns and messaging that subliminally impact purchase behavior. Let’s see how that looks!

Consumers Love Everything Auras (1)

Understanding the Aura Spectrum

Understanding the Aura Spectrum is fairly straightforward, as the research clearly tells us so much about color. A brief summary follows, but there are endless, in-depth resources to further guide your understanding.

  • Red – energetic and fiery person
  • Orange – creative and learns things the hard way
  • Yellow – sunny and charismatic; confident
  • Green – compassionate and forgiving; loves music and nature
  • Pink – kind, caring and loving
  • Purple – intuitive and sensitive; empathetic
  • White – quick mind; perfectionist with nervous energy
  • Black – tired or exhausted; chakra imbalance
  • Rainbow (or color combo) – might be overwhelmed and midst of change

And being able to “see” these auras as they enter your store or interact with your brand online can be game changing. It’s another way to examine sentiment – one that takes us beyond words and the need to decipher meaning from textual analysis.

For example, if this cat were a person, its aura would likely be red, as it seems a tad fiery:


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And this cat would have a rainbow aura, as it appears to be going through something:


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And when we apply this technology to people, it really takes flight! With this intel forming the basis of our most recent AI programming, Aura intel in action would have us categorizing consumer posts along these aura lines, much like we differentiate today between slang, emojis and imagery.

But, how are we doing it? Well, much of it is proprietary, but we can share some foundational truths that we’ve built upon to offer you this fantastic feature.

How NetBase Quid Captures Aura Intel

A few years ago, we developed the groundbreaking Interactive AI Battlebot technology, where we programmed our powerful Next Generation AI to recognize “sassy segments” and respond in kind to rapidly shut down brand detractors.

And then building on and expanding that technology, we worked to detect AI being used for nefarious purposes – and along with it, the capability to send a ‘death code’ to the source of the misinformation. And this code would cause the content in question to virtually disintegrate, while sending a mild electric shock to whoever tried to stop it.

This year, we’ve shifted focus a bit, as keeping brands aligned with the heart and soul of consumers became paramount. Addressing this need, we built upon our previous – and entirely unique – AI capabilities to capture this much more subtle side of humanity. With our patent-pending beacon technology, Auramatic, we are able to detect Aura energy as captured on consumers’ smartphones. We’ve mapped each Aura color to capture the unique microfeign signature each emits. And it’s something tha is detectable only by NetBase Quid’s AI. From there, it is analyzed via heatmap in real-time – and can be filtered by any number of indicators:


The Auramatic in Action

Armed with this intel, brands can view social media interactions through this additional lens for valuable context that gets to the heart of successful and unsuccessful engagements. It saves hours of time, as it helps head off crises and also inspires new ideas, as consumers are sometimes hesitant to share their true feelings in the moment – but an aura does not lie

It’s also proving useful for better understanding consumer interactions at their brick and mortar locations. And similar to our misinformation detector, we’ve left the ability to send a slight shock via smartphone, which brands are finding useful for these IRL experiences.

With it, they can discourage challenging consumers from entering a store by creating an almost imperceptible negative association (the slight shock), while also sending a special offer to the customer’s smartphone, redeemable only via online shopping. This is resulting in a much more pleasant in-person experience for the pleasing aura people, and allowing the more aggressive kind to experience a brand’s offerings from the comfort of their own homes, and at a discount. It’s a win-win, really.

Couldn’t your brand benefit from this sort of consumer insight? We think every brand could. And we anticipate this technology will be in high demand as the holidays approach, so be sure to reach out soon for a demo!

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