onsistent Social Analytics: The Secret to Online Success

Remember that time your post went viral and your brand mentions shot through the roof? Or maybe it hasn’t happened yet, but you’re expecting something amazing any day now. You’re overdue! Well, that’s one way to look at it, of course – but you’ll miss the building blocks to that success if you’re only accepting – and expecting – results that border on amazing. Or if you’re hung up on cat memes for meaningless likes.

What’s Your Baseline?

Consistently performing social analytic tasks sounds boring, but day-to-day monitoring is actually anything but. That is, it’s not boring when you know what to look for – and when you trust the insight you’re gathering!

The first step though, requires creating a baseline or benchmark for whatever it is you’re after. So whether it’s a big picture about your brand, competitors, category or some subset thereof, you need to understand what those normal monthly metrics look like. And you can do this in NetBase with a few clicks, using a dashboard template.

The Brand Benchmark template is one of many available, and all predefined dashboard templates help you find entry points for surfacing insights to investigate further. The Benchmark template offers insight that helps you:

  • Identify a focused business objective to find situations where you need to intervene by escalating internally or responding and engaging.
  • Create processes to detect decreases/increases in sentiment to evaluate brand health by identifying a baseline sentiment number for benchmarking.
  • Help you determine threshold volumes for alerts as well as provide context for reporting.

It keeps you grounded when there isn’t anything sexy happening around your engagement, but there are important data changes afoot – changes you’d miss if you didn’t have a baseline to measure against.

For example, it will help you spot blips, spikes and dips in mentions or Net Sentiment (a score from -100 to 100) that happen each day, and understand what, exactly, is driving these changes.

And that’s powerful info to have – because once you know what’s happening and why, you can identify opportunities to build brand passion to create those magical marketing moments everyone writes about.

But that’s not all – nor even the best part! Keeping a watchful and informed eye on your social analytics informs a variety of business questions that every brand should be equipped to ask. Are you?

Business Questions Smart Brands Answer

There are twelve key social intelligence use cases that every successful brand must master. Those who have viral success stories have put the work in and know how to manipulate data around each of these key criteria:

And that’s because they’ve mastered the following – they know how to:

  • Measure the brand health and understand social insights in relation to competitors’ brands.
  • Analyze a completed campaign to better understand audiences and drive decisions around future campaigns.
  • Identify social advocates and detractors.
  • Explore a category, market, or industry to validate product ideas or theories.
  • Identify issues or potential crises immediately, find the causes, and determine how (or whether) to respond.
  • Define and analyze a particular audience to find insights to support decisions around marketing and product development.
  • Demonstrate (to potential clients) how they use NetBase social analytics to inform insights and creative.
  • Analyze a customer’s journey to gain insights for improving customer satisfaction and loyalty, improving brand reputation, and attracting new customers.
  • Implement a strategy to address customer loyalty and increase sales through social media engagement.

And they know that creating a consistent brand voice, one that’s distinct from competition and that the consumer recognizes as you, will spread faster – and last longer – than a ‘cats in space’ meme that has everyone talking for a few minutes.

Has Voice, Will Travel

Viral posts are fleeting, but brand voice that’s built from deep audience understanding – and truly resonates? That’s something to write home about. That’s where you convince and convert. And that really should be your goal, not the temporary kudos.

Aim for the stars and you might hit the moon – that still applies. But keep in the mind: the best days your brand has online aren’t happening out of nowhere – they require a concerted, every day effort. Contact us for a demo and we’ll show you how exciting that actually looks!

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