Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 9.00.57 PMFor today’s strategic marketers, traditional campaign metrics like impressions, engagements and sales are taking a back seat to what we call “connected metrics.”

It’s not that traditional metrics no longer matter – they do. But connected metrics offer you a deeper understanding of consumers on social media.

How? That’s a topic in our latest white paper, The New Normal: Audience Marketing in the Age of You.

Here’s a hint at what’s inside:

Creating campaigns consumers will love

Unless you can track consumer responses, marketing campaigns are useless, right? But settling for the basics – those traditional metrics – won’t give you the insights you need to really connect. Why? Consumers won’t accept being “marketed at” any longer. They want to be engaged as the individuals they are.

Doing this requires deep social listening – looking at psychographics, behaviors and emotions – to uncover the most personal insights consumers are sharing on social media. You need to know what they’re thinking, feeling, loving, hating, watching, committed to, sick of, etc.

And it’s not all about your brand either. How do consumers feel about your competitors? What are they doing with their lives overall? You need to know and understand everything to make an impact.

Tracking these connected metrics will tell you so much more about what your next move should be. You’ll be able to predict what your audience will love and give it to them.

Tracking effectiveness while deepening engagement

But that’s not the only advantage. Connected metrics offer you a direct return on your investment – because there’s no guesswork, as there can be with other channels.

Case in point: The ICONIC, the online fashion retailer, needed to better reach their target audience of 21- to 40-year-old Australian women. Money spent on televisions ads hadn’t yielded measurable insights, so they decided to give digital channels a try.

By partnering with Instagram and Facebook, and creating messaging designed for those channels, The ICONIC was not only able to reach their target, but to measure the results of the campaign and see its value. Conversions saw a 23-percent uplift along with a 13-point uplift in ad recall on Instagram.

Best of all, consumer reactions before, during and after the campaign were able to be measured as well. That’s the power of connected metrics.

Marketing success demands a dimensional view of consumers on social. It’s not enough to track surface metrics – you need connected metrics to get insight on what consumers want. Luckily the information is there for the taking on social – you just have to pay attention and then use it wisely.

Download the white paper The New Normal: Audience Marketing in the Age of You today to learn how to do just that!

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