On August 12, 2015 NetBase is hosting a Meetup in New York City to bring our clients together for a fun, informal event where they can share their experiences and hear how others are using NetBase to create value for their organizations and brands on social media.

Because there’s no better place to gain a fresh perspective or learn new tricks than in a room full of people using a product you use (or are thinking of using), hearing them share their struggles and success!

What might you hear about?

  • How NetBase harnesses consumer emotions on social to foster a deeper consumer/brand connection, and ways brands our leveraging this data, specifically.
  • What understanding intensity of consumer emotions can mean for identifying brand advocates.
  • The difference human language processing makes in distinguishing colloquialisms from sarcasm to provide clearer context of mined social data.
  • Why data visualizations are key to communicating real-time actionable insights to C-suite decision-makers.

And anything else under the social sun.

This informal meet and greet is a great opportunity for our clients to connect with the NetBase team and each other to share best practices, use cases, and more.

It’s also the perfect time for those interested in learning more about NetBase to find out what we’re all about – and discover how our superior suite of social listening solutions keeps businesses on the cutting edge and can impact your brand’s strategy and enhance that social ROI.

There’ll be food and drink provided because we understand how to be successful IRL (in real life) social as well, along with chances to win cool prizes just for coming out. The Meetup is open to all – and it’s entirely casual and welcoming.

If you already registered, we look forward to meeting you in person.

About the Author: Kevin Lau is the Customer Retention Marketing Manager at NetBase. He leads and manages all customer marketing programs and events to drive brand awareness and customer advocacy.

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