Be Sure to Compare Social Analytics Providers’ AI or Else

Is the AI you’re considering in desperate need of an upgrade? Be sure to compare social analytics providers’ AI capabilities before signing on that dotted line or you may be surprised. And not in a good way!

A brand’s marketing is on-point when its AI-powered analytics can meet data demands, but more often than not this just isn’t happening. Artificial intelligence is touted as this amazing intel and data champion – and it is. But some AI exists in a perpetual state of disrepair. It’s impressive enough to get you in the door, but once you start using it consistently, the problems arise.

The unfortunate fact is that not all AI is suited to social analytics sleuthing – not to the insight levels it promises, at least. Cutting edge next generation artificial intelligence is where top brands are finding the best ROI.

So, here’s how to compare those AI-powered options and separate those offering advanced AI from tech that will leave your brand out in the cold, as competitors pass you by.

here’s how to compare those AI-powered options and separate those offering advanced AI from tech that will leave your brand out in the cold

Next Generation AI Indicators

There’s a new kind of AI available for brands these days – one that’s amazingly accurate and offers exceptional transparency. We’ll detail each component part of it for you to explore below. Be sure to ask about each element during your exploratory calls when considering a new social analytics tool.

Three AI Pillars

Next Generation AI is made up of three pillars: machine learning, deep learning and expert systems.

  • Machine learning offers high recall document classification and is incredible for text preprocessing tasks like language detection and ad/spam detection.
  • Deep learning finds patterns in large datasets and assigns “meaning” to words or sentences via pre-trained vectors.
  • Expert systems capture high precision insight from individual sentences. More specifically, it uncovers sentiment towards particular objects and the corresponding sentiment drivers.

And all of them working together creates insight outputs that help category leaders maintain a comfortable edge.

But it’s not just for the brand names everyone knows, as there are plenty of disruptors using the technology as well.

Next Generation AI in Action

Just ask Britvic, a leading UK-based beverage company, and its agency partner, Zocalo. They used AI-power social analytics to define a “precision marketing” strategy for getting the right content to the right people at the right time – and were able to launch an unknown brand into a crowded market.

Using NetBase, they were able to zero in on their target audience, “which they dubbed ‘movable moms,’ who were not necessarily focused on organic or focused on sugar free drinks. . . . [And] the brand discovered a lot of negativity around the entire juice category on social media. Using this insight, they developed a blogger program to let credible third party ‘influencers’ tell the Britvic story mom-to-mom, avoiding negative conversation sentiment around the juice category and brand.”

Fruit Shoot campaign informed by next generation AI

The results?

  • Brand Awareness grew significantly by 9%
  • 200% increase in customer activations
  • Social conversations led to higher sentiment

And that’s just one example of many category disruptors out there – most of whom created campaigns informed by solid social listening.

So, wherever you find yourself on that aspirational “category creator” spectrum, next generation AI social analytics can help you get, and stay, there.

It captures the emotions, behaviors, attributes, objects, hashtags, people and brands that matter. And that last part is important, as not every bit of insight matters. One of the top tasks AI does for brands is cut through the noise to sort for relevance:

Compare AI to see which cut through the noise to sort for relevance

Here are some more indicators to be aware of:

Transparent AI or Bust!

Sentiment analysis – the in-depth understanding of consumer emotions and what drives them is great, but only when its accurate. And you can’t check that accuracy if you’re faced with a tool that offers little, if any, transparency around the root of its insight.

Viewing the number of posts about a trending term is a surface insight that’s mostly meaningless. Being able to dig in and see the content stream supporting the trending term is what your brand needs. And you really mustn’t settle for less.

seeing the content stream

While tools offering selected content highlights to support results is a nice touch, it’s fraught with pre-trained bias. Social analytics analysts typically understand this and insist on a higher standard. Seeing is believing and the ability to (at least) spot check results, regardless of one’s confidence in a tool, is essential. And is having the ability to customize what your brand captures . . .

Customizable Social Analytics

Having out-of-the-box options is super helpful, of course, but if it makes up the bulk of your social analytics solution, you’ll be disappointed.


Every customer is unique. And so is every brand. Having a framework, a library of insight capture templates at your disposal is a great starting point. But every brand exploiting the social web to its full potential will eventually outgrow these options and require customizable search criteria and integrations.

Compare AI for integration and AI capabilities

And then automated theme discovery is a true differentiator for brands. One that no other solutions offer.

AI Offering Automated Theme Discovery

With top-notch accuracy and transparency, automated theme discovery is a significant time saver for brands.

It’s the industry’s only artificial intelligence analysis framework able to deliver meaningful real-time insights in seconds. The model is pretrained on billions of documents taking brands beyond term-grouping and word clouds to link semantically similar terms such as “sustainability” and “environmentally-friendly.”

Or, in the example below for plant-based food, we see a variety of theme groupings to explore:

Plant-based food example of automated theme disvoery which is an AI differentiator

And that’s the beauty of it. Next Generation AI, specifically theme discovery, automatically discovers themes from millions of data points emerging from topic conversations. It’s not limited to just a handful of user selected training samples. It finds both the themes you know and those you don’t.

But that’s not all. It’s also super-fast and offers enhanced search results, as it eliminates analyst/user bias, which is always a concern. And which is impossible to eliminate otherwise.

Last, but certainly not least – there’s tech support to consider, as there’s a learning curve with any solution. We may be a little biased here, but our live tech support is something customers rave about whenever asked about us. We invite you to connect for a demo and see for yourself though. And know that it’s not just during the sales process that you can get us on the phone quickly. That’s a differentiator in itself!

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