Ever since Coke taught the world to sing in perfect harmony in the 1970s, and likely even before that, the beverage giant has demonstrated its ability to capture the hearts and minds of consumers, particularly around the holidays. And its latest efforts, informed by social media listening, revolve around promoting Coke Zero and other sugar-free options in the UK.

Coca-Cola experiences exceptional sentiment as a rule, and their amazing, and often touching, commercials play a role in this brand love. They make people smile by spreading holiday magic:

Two years ago, they “reinvented the Christmas card for Millennials” offering Snapchat filters for users to create digital Christmas cards as stand ins for waning printed card sales. The goal was to spread holiday cheer on and around Christmas Eve, with some additional good cheer directed toward their brand to boot!

“For 30 years Coca-Cola has signalled the beginning of Christmas with its “Holidays are coming” ad featuring the iconic red trucks. As early in the year as June, Coca-Cola begins to receive requests to bring the Christmas trucks to streets and towns from people eager to get a picture with the famous truck. We knew nothing would drive Millennials to spread their Christmas wishes more than sharing a picture of themselves with our Coca-Cola truck.”

It was a definite hit and has been working ever since.

This year, they’re again partnering with Snapchat, and adding Ladbible to its media partnerships to help get the word out. The London and Manchester-based website “provides news, entertainment and community to a global audience of young people, boasting a following of half of all UK men aged 18-24 – and a fifth of women in the same age group . . . [and] the 10th most-visited website in the UK.”

And it sure does produce tons of traffic around its brand, with sentiment that may seem concerning at first blush, but really isn’t. Ladbible shares controversial pieces that followers love to discuss. The conversations just aren’t necessarily hearts and thumbs-up emojis.

Though it is interesting to note – their defined demographic appears to trend a bit older than they expect. It’s an opportunity for the folks at @Ladbible to explore further when they have a moment:

Back to Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola’s long-running ‘Holidays are Coming’ campaign is back, of course, with these partnerships in place, to keep that good cheer flowing. And it’s looking to appeal to the younger, up-and-coming Gen Z kids and its health conscious tendencies (and that of its health conscious parents too!).

They’re committed to helping consumers enjoy products with less sugar. Coke Zero is a big part of that. They’ve created more transparent packaging, become more mindful or portion sizes and are experimenting with different sweeteners to replace, or entirely eliminate sugar from a good amount of their drinks.

This is a smart move, as the trend toward all things healthy is strong online, in general, and particularly as childhood obesity is at an all-time high.

But just because it’s sugar free, doesn’t mean its tasteless, far from it. They’re releasing a new limited-edition flavour – Coca-Cola zero sugar cinnamon. And its’s bound to attract flavor seekers, like those fond of the overdone pumpkin spice everythings.

Any way you look at it, Coca-Cola does a masterful marketing job, and the conversation has been picking up. We see a spike that started on 2 November, when Aldi released its latest Kevin the Carrot holiday advertisement parodying Coca-Cola’s Christmas truck. And Coke offered to lend a hand . . .

Kevin the Carrot is quite the celebrity around town, with families eagerly awaiting new plushies to be released. That’s a post for another day!

The Coca-Cola Truck Tour

Now in its 8th year, Coca-Cola’s #HolidaysAreComing Truck Tour has become and exciting event for towns across the UK. Families visit the trucks “in a glittering winter wonderland setting and enjoy a free 150ml can of Coca-Cola zero sugar, Diet Coke or Coca-Cola Original Taste.”

A huge part of the event is focused on recycling, which – like healthy choices – is also very popular online. The company seeks to meet a global “world without waste” pledge, hoping to recycle a bottle or can to match each one sold by the year 2030. Admirable, for sure. And buzzworthy.

Watch the video below; get excited and find a truck!

We can help your brand capture holiday cheer anytime of the year! Contact us for a demo.

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