What Brands Can Learn from Coachella’s Social Media Marketing Mastery You may not know what it is, or you may know and love to hate it, but the power Coachella wields online every April is undeniable. And it’s a hard-won dominance, no doubt. Let’s find out what makes it so popular and what brands can emulate – because there’s lots that they can learn from this fashionable festival!

Little Bit About It

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival began in 1999, well before “online” became a thing, so it’s grown up alongside it – and expanded exponentially right along with it. This is thanks in part to its ability to attract superstars, but mostly due to its promotional prowess, particularly on sites like Instagram – but we’ll get to in just a moment.

For an event that happens over two weekends, its engagement is impressive:

You’ll see most social media posts happening immediately before and at the end of each day/weekend, as wifi is pretty hard to come by in the middle of the dust-storm riddled desert that Coachella inhabits.

But an amazing experience awaits those trendy teens and twenty-somethings willing to sacrifice online access for a few hours.

And there are around 100,000 attendees per weekend eager to do so.

What’s so great about it? And how does it attract such a crowd?

Creating a Consistent Presence

The marketing masters behind promoting Coachella have created a year-round timeline for marketing this wildly popular six-day event. “One month after the festival, Coachella releases information about the next version to tease their targeted audience. Potential headliners are shared on social media to create a buzz around the festival year-round.”

And although they seem to have been off to a slower start this year, the festival is still on track to offer the same return on numbers as it has in previous years, at least according to vendors, realtors and others with some skin in the game.

The ‘consistent presence’ is really everywhere at once, with promotional pieces pushed out to vast audiences on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat and everywhere else Millennials roam free – particularly Instagram.

Keeping Instagram On-Point

Coachella’s Instagram is a best practice ‘how to’ for any brand to follow.

Sporting 2.1M followers and awe-inspiring engagement, they take advantage of every bit of awesomeness that Instagram offers:

  • Stories sharing events of the day
  • Highlights offering irresistible and highly viral recaps of everything festival-goers love
  • Imagery that’s a perfect mix of artistic expression, celebrities and regular people.
  • And all of it’s hashtagged, tagged with targeted mentions and interacted with as they go

2.1M followers? Easy peasy for these guys.

And then their >musical line ups, much like their promotions, are consistently solid, offering a Who’s Who of every band Millennials love – and anyone over 30 will likely need to look up, unless of course, you’ve been following this segment’s interests via social listening. If so, you may know that #blackpink isn’t a color . . .

Influencers Everywhere


 One of the most popular performances so far has been by Korean Pop Band Black Pink. They’re a big brand go-to for those seeking to be relevant with younger crowds. And this performance was groundbreaking, as it was the first K-Pop girl group to perform at Coachella, never mind headline it, which they also did.

And then Adidas is proving its ability to create viral promotions that very creatively get around the wifi issue, by partnering with another interestingly named performer, Childish Gambino and using Apple’s airdrop function:

So Coachella is not only a place for fashionable, interesting Millennials to spend a weekend listening to a variety of popular and fringe performers, but there are freebies and other surprises there too? Yes. But that’s not all.

The organizers understand their audience, as they’ve surely done their fair share of social listening, and provide a sustainable and fun environment for attendees as well.

Focus on Sustainability & Fun

“The Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival is committed to efforts that contribute to the betterment of the Coachella Valley. In addition to partnering with Global Inheritance, we’ve launched several new initiatives to help minimize our impact on the environment.”

And as icing on the cake to sway the young and beautifuls to pay up to $10k for private tents, there are Story-worthy activities to brag about at every turn too.

Have a solid case of #FOMO now? Don’t feel too bad. This post highlighting pics from the first weekend is supposed to help . . . you want to buy tickets next year? Or maybe find out about sponsorship opportunities?

And if you’re wanting to connect with some amazing influencers to power your own online efforts, we can show you how to find them, even if Beyonce isn’t in your budget. Reach out and we’ll show you how!


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