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Audience marketing isn’t a new idea. Segmenting, to appeal to targeted audiences with specific brand messaging, has been a standard strategy in the marketing toolbox all along.

But that was then. With social media in the mix, the balance of power has shifted to consumers, creating what leading brand consultancy, Interbrand, calls “the Age of You.” And marketers must adapt to this change, and embrace new ways of reaching consumers if they want their brands to survive.

Our new white paper, The NEW Normal: Audience Marketing in the Age of You, explores this evolving marketing landscape and offers a compass for CMOs. Here are some key takeaways:

Billions of individuals

Marketing strategies of the past – messages pushed “at” consumers – won’t get the job done anymore. Social marketing must be a dialog with consumers – one built on personalized knowledge. No easy task when there are billions of individuals on social media, expecting to be treated as such.

The good news is consumers are speaking to brands all the time. Brands just have to listen. And here’s a hint: Those that mention your name represent only a FRACTION of potential consumers you should be focusing on.

The new focus for CMOs

For marketers to get in touch with social users on a human level, they need to move beyond the broad demographics of old (age, gender, location) and explore consumers’ emotions, behaviors, and affinities. And this is everything they’re sharing about themselves on social media.

And this social data is how CMOs can reach beyond the audience they already know, more specifically:

  • Using all available social data – Learn how data from consumers “in the wild” helps brands uncover new insight, and how it helped one brand develop and successfully market a new product, imagined by consumers on social.
  • Engaging individually at scale – Understand the role of deep social listening in identifying and engaging with high value consumer segments, and how this not only makes them feel unique (it’s all about the feelz), but also breeds loyalty.
  • Using psychographic attributes for better segmenting – Tap into emotional, behavioral and attitudinal characteristics to create a more complete picture of consumers – and see how one well-known brand experienced massive growth using this approach.

Stronger impact, deeper loyalty, and higher revenue for brands – it’s all within reach. CMOs ready to embrace audience marketing are moving their brands forward in ways limited only by their imaginations. And in the “Age of You,” there’s no other way.

Are you ready to embrace your new role? Download The NEW Normal: Audience Marketing in the Age of You to get started!

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