Cinco de Mayo Brand Promos Worth Celebrating
Carol Feigenbaum |
 05/05/20 |
4 min read

Cinco de Mayo to go

This Cinco de Mayo brands are wisely making it about consumers, not about them. And consumer and market intelligence reveal why this is such a smart move right now.

​Mucho Amor for Small Business

Cinco de Mayo is going to look a lot different this year. With most restaurants and bars still closed amidst COVID-19, brands are having to pivot and rethink their marketing strategy around this holiday.

What once would have been a time where brands were pushing out the best deals and places to celebrate, has turned to sharing how you can DIY and celebrate Cinco de Mayo at home – quarantine style.


With bars and restaurants unable to serve customers within their establishments, and so many people still so worried about the current state of the pandemic, brands need to be sure they are making their promotions about the consumer, and not super focused on sales.

Jose Cuervo handles the situation with aplomb. To encourage celebrations, and help support local small businesses, the tequila company is offering to pick up the tab on meals every day up to and on Cinco de Mayo.

The only catch? You have to order from a local, independent Mexican restaurant. But we call that a win-win. Not only are they showing that they care about their customers, but they care about the local economy too. And their efforts are paying off when it comes to the conversations surrounding their brand on social media.

Thanks to next generation AI-powered social media analytics, we can see that their sentiment analysis sways significantly positive. And it’s not just because of how great its tequila tastes.


And Jose Cuervo isn’t the only brand that is showing customer love, with a twist of lime.

Tequila for Everyone!

Tequila CAZADORES is running a #ClosestCinco campaign, where they are encouraging you to get together (virtually) with five of your closest friends while enjoying at home crafted margaritas and tacos.

Continuing the quarantine style celebrations, Chi-Chis is sharing Cinco de Mayo recipes for at home celebrations too!

And some brands are pulling out the big guns, with celebrity influencers.​Check out how Modelo is teaming up with Trevor Noah, who has been quite active during this pandemic, and learn more about how you can help support first responders on Cinco de Mayo in the click of a Tweet. For every public post using #CincUp, Modelo will donate up to $500k to support first responders.


So, how exactly do consumers feel about all of this?

Drinking Alone, but Together

Analyzing what we’re able to see around Cinco de Mayo, and these campaigns specifically, the feeling is mixed between excitement and frustration.

People are ready to get back to their normal lives and would prefer to not have to quarantine while celebrating the holiday, which falls on Taco Tuesday, might we add. Tragic.

Interestingly enough, it doesn’t appear that the #ClosestCinco campaign is getting much, if any, traction. But people are already jumping on the train of the campaign Trevor Noah is pushing. This goes to show the power that influencers hold, as well as the importance of understanding what is important to consumers. They aren’t just wanting to drink this Cinco de Mayo (even though they have ample reason to), they want to be part of something bigger – and they want to give back.

But regardless of which side of the situation people are on – whether they are team okay with staying in or team want to go out – they have one thing in common. They are going to celebrate in some fashion. The numbers, and sentiment surrounding the holiday, make this clear. The social mood around the day is predominantly positive, registering high levels of amusement, joy, excitement and love:


Surprisingly, Tequila is the drink of choice during quarantine, even outside of Cinco de Mayo. And right now, Tequila is leading by a huge margin in the spirits department, with sales increased 32%.

So, what are people planning to make during Quarantini Cinco de Mayo?

Quarantini Margaritas

Brands know that people are going to be inside on Cinco de Mayo. So, they want to help bring the fiesta to home:

–        Chi-chi’s brand salsa isn’t the only company sharing recipes to cook up this Tuesday. Though what they are recommending sounds delicious.

–        Avocados from Mexico is turning things up a notch with interactive marketing campaigns that feature fun guacamole recipes.

–       And brands are even taking advantage of pick up, hoping to add a little pop of flavor to this year’s celebration, like this small Frozen Yogurt company.


And consumers are loving their quarantinis (quarantine style martinis and margaritas) :


Some consumers are even taking to the internet to get ahead of the conversation to share their best margarita recipes, like this granny.


And when all is said and done, while this may not look like a Cinco de Mayo we’re all used to, it’s not looking too awful either.

If you want to help your brand stay on top of trends and conversations ahead of our next big ‘stuck at home holiday,’ give us a shout. We’d love to walk you through a demo and get you started.


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