Advanced Instagram & Facebook Monitoring with Channel Manager
Kimberly Surico |
 10/29/19 |
4 min read

Advanced Instagram & Facebook Monitoring with Channel Manager

You have access to Facebook and Instagram social analytics – now what? Time to maximize what that data can do for you. Advanced Instagram and Facebook monitoring with a channel manager sounds like a handy option to have doesn’t it? It is! Let’s check it out!

Product Updates Every Few Weeks

With product updates every few weeks, brands and agencies are in love with our next generation AI-powered social analytics. And we keep that love strong with meaningful updates that help them maintain an edge in their respective categories.

To that end, what could be better than enhancing their understanding of Facebook and Instagram insight? Well, the ability to automatically discover themes from their topic data comes to mind – but we already offer that. This capability is a close second!

And just briefly, in case you somehow missed it – that automated theme discovery is made possible by our latest (and industry greatest) artificial intelligence release: AI Studio. You can read all about it here when you have a moment, but know that it removes user bias. And that results in cleaner, far superior insight. And it looks pretty cool too:

AI Studio works in conjunctin with Channel Manager

Now back to those channels!

Instagram and Facebook Insight Is Essential

With most of the online world inhabiting one of these two channels, accessing each is essential. And doing so with confidence in the accuracy of your insight, is a game changer.

Instagram and its parent company, Facebook, which was among the first of the online giants from a social networking standpoint, sport impressive stats with more than two billion active users visiting the sites each month.

And it’s important to understand that some social analytics tools have been struggling with Facebook and Instagram data captures lately. So, be sure your tool isn’t one of them! Handy way to find out? Ask the following:

  • Tell me about the Facebook and Instagram data you capture – what are the limits?
  • How often are you updating your tool to stay in compliance?
  • Have you lost access to any social sites during API updates? Why?
  • What access are you providing exactly?
  • Can you speak to the source list for each data set please?

That last one is a bonus question. A pretty revealing one, in many instances.

What They Won’t Tell You

If they default to a discussion around terms and conditions, claiming compliance restraints, listen carefully. And then be sure to call us to ask the same and compare! There are some particulars that every tool interacting with these channels needs to follow, but there are lots of half-truths circulating around it, and we’re super transparent all around. We’re ready to spill that tea when you call.

And now, following quickly on the heels of AI Studio, which has placed competitors in a panic as ‘tis the season when customers switch to NetBase, we’ve upped the ante again. This time around managing Instagram and Facebook data!

Having access is one thing, and how this insight is managed is another. Let’s take a spin in our Instagram and Facebook Channel Manager to see how it looks in our neck of the online woods!

Channel Manager at a Glance

Channel Manager at a glance

When you want to monitor and pause/resume data downloading for your company’s Facebook and Instagram channels, you’ll love this new capability.

Monitor how, exactly? And why would you want to pause/resume downloads?

It’s a super handy option to have when you need to do any of the following (which we’ll share greater detail around next):

  • Check authorization totals against channel totals to ensure you have enough user authorizations to support the number of channels your company wants to track. This gives you a quick snapshot.
  • Pause data downloading for low priority channels to allocate quota for the most important channels. This prevents data gaps and ensures optimal latency for your brand channels, campaign-related channels, or other important channels. And it’s a capability that will be used by brands a lot.

And the Channel Manager also allows you to upload channel names directly by importing a CSV file! Importing channels this way saves time and conserves your company account’s topic quota. And you can import a maximum of 50 channels at a time.

If only everything were so user friendly! Agencies managing multiple channels may want to send us gifts for this option.

Let’s dig in . . .

What’s the Frequency?

A quick glance at the Channel Manager shows the total number of channels downloading data into your account in real-time. From there, you can quickly check these numbers against your Authorization Manager totals to ensure that you have enough authorizations actively supporting the number of channels your account is tracking.

Here’s what you need for authorizations, FYI (as a refresher):

  • One Facebook-only authorization for every 200 pages
  • One Instagram via Facebook authorization for every 1,000 Instagram channels

And the percentages you’ll see speak to the percentage of your authorized Facebook or Instagram channels that are currently downloading data. And then there’s another metric capturing the percentage of Total Downloading Channels.

In the example below, 87% (12,741/14,647) would indicate that 12,741 out of 14,647 total channels (87%) are downloading.

percentages of channel usage in manager tool

And then? Well, you’ll want to see what’s happening on each individual channel, naturally.

Monitoring Individual Channels

The Channel Lookup allows filtering by channel name/ID, type, or status.

Channel lookup

The Channel Name is that unique identifier that’s found on each Instagram account and Facebook page. Only Facebook has a Channel ID though – and it’s the same as its Name.

This is important to know when importing, as you leave the “ID” column blank for Instagram channels, and can use one or the other (or both) for Facebook channels:

Channel name and ID data for Facebook and Instagram

And then the Channel Status column is really straightforward to navigate. It contains one of the following:

  • Paused indicates the channel is not downloading data and is not counted against your company’s authorization or quota.
  • Downloading indicates the channel is currently downloading data and consuming your company’s authorization quota.

how to pause and resume data downloads in channel manager

You can toggle back and forth to pause less important channels while you are downloading from other channels for a campaign or event. And you can resume a paused channel at any time. Best of all? When you resume a channel, NetBase backfills the data that was not collected during the paused period. You’re welcome!

We have lots of thoughtful approaches to capturing data for clients and this is just one of them. Be sure to reach out for a demo of our platform, especially of AI Studio. We’re happy to share the many ways we’ve made social analytics reliable, customizable and transparent for our industry leading clients!

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