CGT Readers Rank Us in Top Five
Kimberly Surico |
 01/30/14 |
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NetBase continues our momentum into 2014. This is big news because our customers delivered this award to us. Our customers selected NetBase as “Top 5 Provider in Social Media” in Consumer Goods Technology’s (CGT) 2014 Readers’ Choice Survey.


CGT’s readers ranked the top five technology companies that provide software/services for managing and monitoring internal and external social media communications and engagement. We are especially honored to receive this award because we have worked hard to listen to our customers and their consumers. And CGT serves more than 76,000 decision-makers in the consumer goods industry who were asked for best technology providers.

Having a large cross-section of consumer goods professionals rank us in the Top 5 reflects the growing importance of social analytics to the industry and readers’ opinion of the effectiveness of our platform. It also helps that we’re the underlying technology for SAP Social Media Analytics.

It was great to see Alliston Ackerman, CGT Editor say, “NetBase is used by some of the largest brands in the consumer goods industries across multiple disciplines including marketing, customer service and product research. NetBase’s innovative solutions demonstrate an exceptional capacity to deliver real-time, actionable intelligence from social conversations to improve insights and decisions that improve business and marketing outcomes.”

We’ve found that social analytics is rapidly becoming critical for CPG companies in gaining a competitive advantage by leveraging big data insights from social media to optimize advertising and product campaigns, develop and launch new products, and manage crises to ensure the health of their brands.

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