CES Innovations Showcase Consumer Insight for Brands
Sergio Oliveri |
 01/10/23 |
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CES trends

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has dazzled tech fans since June of 1967. Over the years, it has offered a platform for next-level innovation. And this year was no different. Tech brands delivered on a broad range of technology, from small gadgets consumers love like earbuds and smartwatches to larger innovations in the automobile industry presented by big names like BMW, Honda, Audi, and more.

Tech brands continue to step up their innovation game and consumers are talking about it—which means it’s an excellent time to listen in and see what the next tech trends will be!

Tech innovation is continuously evolving and growing after all, as these stats bear out:

  • There are more than 585,000 tech companies in the US alone, and the Big Four (Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook) are collectively worth $4 trillion.
  • The smart homes market is expected to reach $205 billion by 2026, driven by the growing adoption of smart devices.
  • A total of 07 billion people globally use the internet—that’s 63.5% of the world’s population. The latest data reveals that the world’s internet-connected population grew by more than 170 million in the 12 months before October 2022.

And as we explore top brand mentions at CES 2023, we can see some innovations inspiring this growth. Acer dominated event mentions leading up to and during CES, as it shared its launch of its new Oled Monitors with LG display and Nitro and Swift notebooks equipped with the latest AMD Ryzen 7000 processors. And other brands, including Sony, LG, and Samsung, captured a significant share of voice as well:

word cloud of brands mentioned

Consumers talking about CES had a Net Sentiment score that was overwhelmingly positive—90%. This is a score indicating consumer love from -100 to 100. And these mentions reached a crescendo on the event’s first night, registering nearly 6K tagged mentions.

summary metrics graph showing colorful lines

The sentiment was overwhelmingly positive for a good reason. These events in general are exciting, but technology has been a lifeline for much of the world over the past three pandemic-riddled years—from smart devices, ordering groceries, and food online to technology that improves our work-from-home experiences. Technology has become a crucial element for many in their work, life, and even leisure activities.

Let’s see what tech has in store for 2023!

Trending Topics at CES

What were attendees, and those watching from home, excited for and talking about, specifically? For this, we can explore trends.

The Trend Score below displays a value that indicates whether an insight is trending up or down. When a score ranks between 1 and 100, it means the insight is trending up. The score incorporates multiple factors, including volume and percentage change over the last period, into a single number.

trend score for things showing list of items and colorful bubbles

This score helps brands detect trends, such as new and emerging insights, sustained insights, and reemerging insights.

Above, we see gaming and computer products and updates trending. Torras earns high marks for its booth display, which featured an LED screen with eye-catching product videos, drawing in media, influencers, and tech-savvy enthusiasts. There is also a lot of talk about the dedicated Metaverse area at this year’s CES, and BMW wowed the crowd with their automotive innovations. Each item speaks to a more nuanced trend, which we’ll detail below.

Before that though, we can’t forget hashtags. The top hashtags shared during the event add another layer of context to the conversation.

colorful ces hashtags

Hashtags revolving around Acer figure prominently and include #swiftedge and #cesinnovationaward. However, these are primarily due to Acer’s innovation award and a connected giveaway—which we’ll discuss below. But there are other hashtags to take note of, such as Metaverse and web3, because although smaller these topics and innovations were important.

Below, we’ve bucketed our intel into four overarching areas that piqued our interest:

  • Digital Health
  • Automotive and Mobility
  • Computer Tech, Web3, and Metaverse
  • Human Security for All (HS4A) (New CES theme for 2023!)

But note that the product categories expand well beyond these three to include:

list of product categories offered at ces

With that in mind, let’s dive into our snapshot of some top trends captured during CES.

Digital Health

Ever since the coronavirus hit, there has been a surge in consumers’ focus on health inspiring growth in digital health gadgets.

Fossil blew everyone away with their new Gen 6 Hybrid Wellness Edition. It continues Fossil’s use of an e-ink screen and incorporates physical watch hands on its hybrid smartwatches. And since e-ink consumes little power, consumers can expect two weeks of battery life before recharging. This hybrid watch has a heart rate sensor, blood oxygen monitoring, automatic workout detection, and various fitness-tracking features.

And if watch-wearing isn’t your thing, and instead, you want a sleek, small device that helps you stay aware of health patterns such as sleep, cycle tracking, and other health metrics, then the Movano Envie was there too. It’s a small smart ring that has an AirPods-like charging case.

These products demonstrate a market that is continuously evolving and a consumer base that’s eating its options up!

However, innovating a little faster, arguably, is the automotive industry—and BMW is raising the bar once more…

Automotive and Mobility

Driving the most excitement is the automotive and mobility area. Everyone is waiting for their Jetson-like vehicle of the future. And BMW once more delivered and raised the bar for future driving expectations.

Last year saw BMW’s latest EV on display. This year, BMW continued to show its moxy in innovation by revealing the I-Vison Dee. This automobile does away with Siri and Alexa, using cutting-edge AI that wants to be your friend and your car.

Don’t feel like driving in a red car? No problem! BMW’s I Vision Dee is programmable with a digital face that allows you to alter the color of the vehicle with the touch of a button.

At the moment, the BMW I Vision Dee is only a concept, but some of its features, such as the AI-powered HUB technology, will be available in actual cars by 2025.

And as cool as that is, the most surprising addition this year was courtesy of Google. They brought automobile technology in the form of higher-resolution maps, which will debut on the Polestar 3. There were two vehicles at the Google booth— a BMW i7 with the new Android Auto experience, and a Volvo EX90 with Google built in.

And then Sony delivered on this front as well. They collaborated with Honda on a brand-new electric car called Afeela. The vehicle’s front bumper has a small “media bar” displaying the Afeela logo. The idea is that this may communicate with individuals outside the automobile and exchange information with them, like the current weather or the car’s charge level.

Overall, exploring popular media shared during the event, the trend is for cars to feel more like home, with the ability to customize and automize.

Computer Tech, Metaverse, and Web3

There were endless computer accessories and advances—such as earphones for gaming and even a fluent pet talking system so animal lovers can understand their furry friends better. However, Acer seemed to be the most talked about topic at CES2023—confirmed by its dominating presence in our topics and hashtags screenshots above.

Acer brought home a CES Innovation Award for their SwiftEdge. It gained attention for its performance and sleek design:

The SwiftEdge features an Oled screen—which doesn’t require backlighting and therefore uses less power. And they also released another laptop—Acer Nitro– a premium and affordable gaming laptop with 13th-Gen Intel Core Processors, Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs, and more.

And then we had Samsung presenting two new ViewFinity smart monitors. Their focus was on improving image quality for professional users who demand the best color accuracy. These monitors come with some serious upgrades, like allowing you to use a Galaxy smartphone to calibrate the display accurately without needing external calibration tools.

And then Web3 innovations and Metaverse earned lots of buzz. McKinsey reported that the Metaverse could potentially generate $5 trillion in value by 2030. And it’s no wonder, with the unlimited options for innovations—this year at CES, it was revealed that the sense of touch and smell had been added to a number of virtual reality (VR) experiences, from haptic gloves and headsets to olfactory add-ons.

series of tweets about ces

And since then, people have been blogging and posting about this new step in VR.

There’s also new tech, Vive XR Elite, from HTC. It will act as “the ideal physical gateway to the universe of experiences offered by Viverse, our version of the metaverse,” said Cher Wang, co-founder, and chairwoman of HTC. It may yet be the most innovative item at the show, bringing the VR experience to life in a more tangible way.

Of course, with all this tech talk, together with it is security—a new theme at CES 2023.

Human Security for All (HS4A)

This was the first year for this theme at CES. First, here’s a little background.

HS4A is a global campaign on Human Security for All. They allied with Consumer Technology Association (CTA) to “inform and promote innovative solutions by businesses to address the full gamut of global human security issues.”

HS4A believes though it is necessary to have national security investments, people are far more seriously impacted by other needs – food, energy, healthcare, education, a safe environment in the community, personal safety, and equal rights for women and minorities. At CES 2023, several HSA4A speakers spoke about just this and how technology provides innovative solutions that address all dimensions of human security.

An excellent example of this was from CES 2023 a respected name in its industry, John Deere. The maker of agriculture and construction equipment introduced a new autonomous “workforce” with less noise, flexible charging possibilities, and zero emission. John Deere Chief Executive John May spoke at the CES2023 and laid out they company’s strategy of using technology to feed a hungry world while labor declines and costs continue to rise, “technology allows farmers to create more with less.” And this is hopefully the way of the future.

All-in-all, the event was a fruitful one for inventors, investors, and tech enthusiasts alike. And it was also great for brands using social listening, as it offers a wealth of intel around what’s resonating with potential consumers – and why.

Be sure to reach out for a demo to capture insight around conversations happening at events specific to your category, much like CES. There are unexpected opportunities for brands of every size available online if one knows where to look.

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