CES Innovations to Offer More Consumer Insight for Brands

The Consumer Electronics Show offers a good bit of concept pieces intermingled with next-level innovation, and of late it can be hard to tell the difference between the two. This is because tech brands have really stepped up their innovation game and are sending consumers hurtling toward the future we’ve been hoping for. It’s a good time to be in tech, and to understand what to do with the oodles of data that it will soon be capturing, that’s for sure!


Tech innovation continues forward, moving at the speed of light. In fact, according to TechJury that comparison may be understating things:

  • Globally, there are about 1.35 million tech startups around the world.
  • The number of smart devices collecting, analyzing, and sharing data should hit 50 billion by 2030.
  • The Internet adoption rate sits at 59% in 2021.

And as we explore top brand mentions as CES 2022, we can see some of the innovations that are inspiring this growth. Samsung dominated event mentions leading up to and during CES, as it shared plans to launch a variety of gaming and interconnected home hub products, but other brands, including Sony, Intel and BMW weren’t far behind:


And we see that Net Sentiment (a score indicating consumer love from -100 to 100) of consumers talking about CES was overwhelmingly positive. Mentions reached a crescendo the first night of the event, registering nearly 20k tagged mentions.


The sentiment was overwhelmingly positive for good reason. There’s lots to get excited about at these events just in general, but technology has been a lifeline for much of the world over the past two pandemic-riddled years. As we head into year three of Covid impacting our lives, technology has become a crucial element for many in their work, life and even leisure activities.

Let’s see what tech has in store to ease these new age, often home-bound challenges!

Trending Topics at CES

What were attendees, and those watching from home, excited for and talking about, specifically? For this, we can explore trends.

The Trend Score, below, displays a value that indicates whether an insight is trending up or down. When a score ranks between 1 and 100, it means the insight is trending up. The score incorporates multiple factors, including the change in volume and percentage of change over the last period into a single number.


This score helps brands detect a variety of different trend types, such as new and emerging insights, sustained insights, and reemerging insights.

Above, we see virtual reality products and updates; tablets and computer offers sponsored by @HotHardware; Goodyear’s sustainable tire innovation; BMW’s latest EV; a gaming PC; a Nano charger; and, an eBike! And each speaks to a larger trend, which we’ll detail below.

We can also explore the top hashtags shared during the event to provide another layer of context to the conversation.


The metaverse, autonomous driving and machine learning figure prominently, and help us better bucket the intel into three overarching areas of interest relevant to our purposes here:

  • Interconnectivity & Home Hubs
  • Gaming & Working in the Metaverse
  • EV, Autonomous Driving & Sustainability

But – do note that the product categories expand well beyond these three to include:


With that in mind, let’s dive into our snapshot of some top trends captured during the week of CES . . .

Interconnectivity & Home Hubs

At CES, if you wanted to create a Jetsons-like experience at home, this was the place to find it all. And Samsung came out strong with a slew of offerings, hence its conversation domination.

Samsung launched a little bit of everything really – we saw the Freestyle, a portable projector, and Gaming Hub, a videogame streaming utility, along with news about improved TV remotes and smart appliances.

And the smart home products were everywhere. “Whether looking to reduce energy consumption or strengthen security, homeowners are redefining daily life with smart home technology.” These vendors showcased future-forward tech meant to boost home efficiency and accessibility.

These products really gave gaming and working from home a run for its money – but with the Metaverse stepping in – it’s game over. The next category is the future of everything and gaming seems to be the first place it’s landing. 

Gaming & Working in the Metaverse

Beyond gaming hubs, there were endless gaming accessories and advances, including virtual reality products and updates from HTC, which “continues to break down the barriers between the real and virtual worlds as part of its Viverse strategy. We are excited to introduce new products and capabilities that make it easier for enterprises and consumers to access high-fidelity VR experiences across different devices, enhance training outcomes, and explore the ever-expanding metaverse.”

There were an endless array of new and improved gaming PCs, tablets and computers, each pushing the computing envelope further – and faster.

EV, Autonomous Driving & Sustainability

Probably the area that drives the most excitement though is the EV industry. The idea of autonomous driving has certainly caught on.

BMW’s latest EV was on display, as were new productions and concept cars from Chrysler, Ford, Chevy, Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz – even an autonomous racecar competition from Indy, with entrants competing for a million dollar prize!

And “even Sony made headlines at the show with the debut of its second concept car: the Vision-S 02 electric crossover. The new concept is a follow-up to the Vision-S concept that Sony revealed at CES in 2020. Sony has yet to confirm if it actually plans to introduce an electric car, but instead, the concept showcases several new technologies.”

All of this speaks to the eco-conscious crowd. Goodyear’s sustainable tire innovation earned ‘best sustainable product’ from Engadget for its aggressive commitment toward attaining a 100% sustainable tire by 2030.

Combining technology from many categories for the ultimate offering in sustainability we also see back to basics offerings that are anything but, like this rider-sensing ebike:


Overall, exploring popular media shared during the event, which was attended in much smaller numbers than expected due to Omicron, we see these same these highlighted above playing out:

The event was still a fruitful one for inventors, especially those hailing from smaller competitors. With a good number of larger corporations deciding against attending, those who did show up had more time with attendees and journalists – and more exposure for products that may have been edged out otherwise.

The conversation, as a whole, offers an interesting compilation of large and small vendors, in fact. And for brands that are listening, it also offers a wealth of intel around what is resonating with potential consumers – and why. Be sure to reach out for a demo to capture insight around conversations happening in your category, as much like CES – there are unexpected opportunities for brands of every size available online if one knows where to look


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