Be the First to Know With Any Mention Alerts

As Social Media has begun impacting departments outside of marketing, it is crucial to be the first to know what’s being said about your brand online. NetBase is now proud to offer Any Mention Alerts; an alerting capability that allows our customers to know when a...
Automated Survey Based on Social Media

Automated Survey Based on Social Media

  Author: Wei Li, Chief Scientist Automated surveys, using social media as sources, will eventually largely replace manual surveys. This is an inevitable outcome because social media has become the main outlet of public opinion, and technology continues to offer...
Automated Survey Based on Social Media

Overview of Natural Language Processing

“NLP is not magic, but the results you can get sometimes seem almost magical.” Author: Wei Li, Chief Scientist The lack of standardized technical terminology in constantly evolving technology areas like Natural Language Processing (NLP) can make discussions about this...
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