3 Top Social Metrics and Why They Matter

3 Top Social Metrics and Why They Matter

For brands wanting to hop on the fast track to understanding consumer behavior and boosting campaign success, tracking social metrics is the way to go. With today’s social listening tools, there is a seemingly inexhaustible supply of social metrics brands can choose...
How to Evaluate Social Media Analytics

How to Evaluate Social Media Analytics

We’re exploring consumer insight captured in real-time and how leading brands are evaluating their efforts to stay on track. It includes customer experience (CX) understanding combined with next generation artificial intelligence (AI) powering their efforts, and...
What is Social Media Reporting?

What is Social Media Reporting?

Where does your brand rank in the very distinct worlds of marketing and consumer approval? Social media reporting answers these questions and many more, ensuring that your company is heading in the right direction. In this article, we will define in more detail what a...
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