Top Social Media Facts and Statistics

Top Social Media Facts and Statistics

  Social media continues to grow and expand, and your brand needs to grow and expand with it. If your marketing strategies don’t include at least a few social channels, you’re missing out. We have straight facts about social media for you below! In this post we’ll...
What is Social Media Marketing?

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the culmination of combining a variety of consumer intelligence ingredients to create irresistible offers. It’s taking every bit of insight available online – intel that would do little for you on its own – and creating a cohesive campaign...
Top 15 Social Media Software for Marketing in 2021

Top 15 Social Media Software for Marketing in 2021

Analytics is the foundation of your planning efforts, and with more brands putting their faith in them, it’s critical to have the right social media softwares in your toolbelt. However, there are many types of players in this social media analytics game, so how do you...
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