Southwest Airlines Netnography

According to its news releases, Southwest offers “a reliable product with exemplary customer service.” Consumers agree about the service part, saying the airline’s employees go above and beyond to be friendly and helpful. But the “reliable product” part? Not so...

Hello Kitty Netnography

How cute is too cute? That’s the question for the Hello Kitty brand. The target audience is “pre-adolescent females,” and they think that Kitty, the female white Japanese bobtail cat with a red bow, is, like, totally adorable. But not everyone who’s paying for the...

Swatch Netnography

Swatch wants its watches to be perceived as hip, trendy and affordable. And they are—to some people. But we’re firmly in the realm of fashion here, and that means there’s no objective standard for judging if a watch is stylish or not stylish. Opinions are somewhat...

Dunder Mifflin Netnography

For decision-makers in the entertainment industry, analyzing social media can be a fast, accurate and cost-effective approach to understanding viewer opinions and preferences. Writers, producers, actors and others associated with shows can use social media analysis to...

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