The 2019 State of Social Report

The 2019 State of Social Report

Carefully cultivating a social presence online is no longer a quirky extra for a brand to offer, if it ever was. And any brands still devoting half-hearted efforts to their digital marketing really need to read The 2019 State of Social Report, as it offers...
Social Media Influencer DISqualifications

Social Media Influencer DISqualifications

We’ve talked about avoiding Influencers Whose Business Is Influence and we’ve covered How to Develop Collaborative Social Media Influencer Opportunities, and now this piece explores the disqualifications that can throw everything into disarray – lots of warnings to...
Counting Down to BREXIT . . . Or Not

Counting Down to BREXIT . . . Or Not

On Tuesday 15 January, 2019 all eyes will be on England, as Theresa May battles to move her Brexit deal forward and not get ousted as Prime Minister in the process. The United Kingdom is due to leave the EU (European Union) on 29 March, 2019 as a result of the June...
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