Faster, deeper, strategic insights

Faster, deeper, strategic insights

“How can I ramp up on a new area instantly?” The Quid Intelligence Platform allows you to go from zero to fluency on any topic in days, not months. Using Quid’s big data and advanced algorithms you can be up to date on all the major events, relationships,...
Is Luxury Fashion Love Blind In Social?

Is Luxury Fashion Love Blind In Social?

All you need is love. Or so it seems the love potion luxury fashion houses are brewing in social media has the potency to cast that elusive spell on social media “luxurians,” customers and aspirationals alike. The cat’s meow in luxury fashion may not always be what...
Eye of the Needle – Met Gala 2016

Eye of the Needle – Met Gala 2016

You probably heard that Dior is having a tough time finding a creative director to replace Raf Simmons, who left the French heritage couture house last year after only three years. As designer burnout takes its toll in luxury fashion (last year saw a big shuffle),...
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