What are Marketing Consumer Insights?

What are Marketing Consumer Insights?

If you want to know if your targeted ads and campaigns are packing a punch and hitting consumers where it counts, you need marketing consumer insights. It’s this intel that guides your brand to success by revealing key details about your efforts across social channels...
NetBase Quid™ Welcomes Rival IQ!

NetBase Quid Welcomes Rival IQ!

Furthering our ongoing effort to make the world make sense for our customers, we are thrilled to announce our acquisition of the complementary and innovative social analytics provider, Rival IQ! This is the culmination of an amazing year at NetBase Quid. Earlier this...
NetBase Quid Live NY and LA 2021 Recap

NetBase Quid Live NY and LA 2021 Recap

Another round of NetBase Quid LIVE events just happened – were you there with us? If not, we’re here to tell you all about it! Check out our recap below. And be sure to follow us on Twitter to see photos from the events and interact with our team! NetBase Quid LIVE...
NetBase Quid Live Europe 2021 Recap

NetBase Quid Live Europe 2021 Recap

We just wrapped up our NetBase Quid Live Europe 2021 event, packed with industry experts and thought leaders covering the ever-changing world of consumer and market intelligence. Hopefully you were among the global attendees who were able to join us, but if not –...

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