Can Big Data Boost Your Chances of Getting Your Message to Go Viral?
Kimberly Surico |
 10/24/13 |
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Tap into the right elements of what makes a video go viral – Can Big Data place you in the right position to have your message shared by millions? Web Metrics Guru, Marshall Sponder shares how you can define and implement actionable metrics for social engagement and activity that help focus your message and spark measurable reactions from your audience.
• Marshall examines what exactly is the “Big Data” we’re looking at when it comes to examining the elements that catapult a message to the masses?

• He’ll discuss the importance of strategic, campaign-driven outreach, instead of one-off videos that are posted in hopes of getting shared.

• Provides tips for what it takes for a message to go viral, including the 10:1 ratio and the 3-hour rule with Facebook posts.

• Shares the importance of social analytic dashboards to track episodes and videos with examples from NetBase.

• And finally, helps you decide if it’s share-worthy. The Brand Passion Index (slide. 16) can help you determine if audiences are compelled emotionally to react to, then share what you have to say with others.

Download the replay and slide deck and learn more about the emotional connection to messages that are widely shared, as well as whether you outreach strategy has set the stage or sabotaged the likelihood of your message going viral.

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