Can Better Habits Produce Better Content Marketing?

Kimberly Surico |
 07/12/14 |
2 min read

Harness Social Media Intelligence

As someone responsible for lead gen who uses content marketing a lot, I’m looking forward to Nate Riggs’s Social Savvy webinar this Wednesday, July 16. There’s a lot of content about social media analytics out there on the web, and it’s getting harder and harder to come up with topics that interest readers and motivate them to download a file or sign up for a demo or take whatever next step you want them to take. Frankly, I could use some new thinking on this subject.

Well, that’s apparently just what Nate, who’s president of NR Media Group, is going to deliver. He’s using the science behind how we form habits to help us change those habits and produce better content marketing programs. He calls his approach the SHARPER framework, and I for one am eager to hear how it can help us @NetBase and maybe help us marketers all do a better job of producing compelling, relevant and perhaps at times even entertaining content. And to “harness” social intelligence is a good habit to have to make your messaging relevant to your consumer says this @NetBase marketing advocate!

If you’re interested, you can register today for Better Habits, Better Content Marketing and learn how to:

  • Recognize unproductive personal and organizational habits that cause content marketing programs to fail
  • Rewire the pathways in your brain for more productive content habits
  • Roll those habits out across your organization
  • Apply what other organizations have discovered about changing habits to successfully reach and engage customers through many channels, including social

Bonus: NetBase will share how Nate’s insights can be leveraged using social analytics to optimize campaign results in real time. Hear how you can monitor how well your content is performing, promote good results to make them even better, and tweak campaigns in mid-stream according to the reaction they get online.

I hope you will join @NetBase and @NateRiggs: register today for Better Habits, Better Content Marketing.

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