Switching to Business Mode in InstagramSearching for ways to boost your Instagram marketing? Many brands are unaware of how crucial it is to have both your brand and any partners (including influencers) switch to business mode in Instagram. We’ll explain why this is, and what business accounts, as well as creator accounts, offer brands and influencers from a marketing and social analytics standpoint!

Understanding Instagram Insight

When connecting your social media accounts to your social listening solution, you’ll need to have a business account to access all of the amazing intel it offers. The connection just can’t happen otherwise. Instagram doesn’t allow it.

Connecting partnered accounts in NetBase after creating business mode account in Instagram

Brands can add a maximum of 500 channels across both Owned and Partnered sections. And then explore insight via our Converged Media options, among many other ways to parse the data.

Converged media monitoring to track influencer activity from business instagram accounts

Having a business account may feel like a given for your brand, but that isn’t always the case for those you plan to partner with. And if an influencer isn’t using a business account already, you’ll need to walk him/her through the process before you’re able to connect to their account(s) and capture insight.

This conversation is common with micro-influencers who have small, but highly engaged and amazingly targeted followers. These folks are not often used to having their analytics so closely monitored on the backend. So, it will be an awareness activity for your brand to manage.

And that is something to be ready for ahead of connecting. And to add to your campaign launch timeline. It really just involves following the prompts in Instagram to do so, but sharing what exactly will be captured is important:

Following prompts to switch over to Instagram business mode

In NetBase, we can access public posts including comment text and hashtags from any Instagram Business/Creator account for analysis in our product. And the ways you can parse the data from there are pretty endless! But here’s a high-level list of some options:

The many ways to explore data in NetBase

And what about deciding between a business and creator accounts? That could potentially hold your influencers up a bit too, perhaps. So, you’re probably curious about that difference.

We’re glad you asked!

About Instagram’s Business Mode

With 140M monthly active businesses  across the Facebook Family (including Instagram and WhatsApp), there’s lots on offer at the visual mega-site.

The true power of an Instagram business profile is the ability to see real-time metrics around how your stories and promoted posts are performing. This gives valuable intel around what is resonating with followers.

And with more than one billion monthly active users on Instagram, it’s certainly an amazing opportunity for brands to get noticed and drive sales.

Connecting it to a social analytics solution is where you’ll sort out the sentiment behind those actions. This is how brands understand consumer analytics in context. And that part is crucial. If your business only explores surface insight around likes and comments but isn’t getting to the driving force behind it all, what is making those sales convert or stall, you’re not using the platform to its full potential. And that’s like leaving money on the table. Lots of it.

So, what does an Instagram Business Profile look like from a follower standpoint? It’s pure convenience, offering the ability to shop and purchase within three clicks!

Shoppable posts on Instagram

And soon enough, business accounts will be able to sell things entirely on-site. This will undoubtedly result in sales skyrocketing for those brands ready to take full advantage of everything Instagram offers.

Be sure to have your social analytics insight at peak performance when that happens. We’d love for you to be a success story we share in a future post!

And what about those “Creator” accounts? Are they even better for brands?

Not really, they just serve a different purpose. Let’s check them out.

Instagram Creator Accounts – Made With Influencers In Mind

The Creator Account on Instagram seems to have been created with influencers in mind. Instagram sums up the differences as “giving you a set of tools that makes it easier to control your online presence, understand your growth and manage your messages.” And in real terms, it offers:

  • Advanced insight around who follows/unfollows you – and why.
  • More inbox capabilities to help you organize messages based on relevance.
  • Lots of contact options, with the ability to not list anything publicly and require direct messages as your only form of contact (and making the inbox capabilities that much more important)
  • And, the biggest tip off that it’s aiming for influencers – the category labels for Creator accounts:

Creator categories for authors on Instagram

So, is someone you’re planning to partner with already using Instagram’s Business or Creator options? Brands can tell if an account is already a business or creator account quickly by checking for any of the following:

  • The account is public (if it’s private, that’s a dead giveaway).
  • Business or creator account type appears under the account name.
  • Its profile may include the Email, Directions, and/or Call buttons.
  • And the profile may have the ability to buy things via a ‘Shop’ button.

How to tell if an Instagram account is a business or creator vs personal account

Advanced Instagram Options for Businesses

That last option – shoppable posts – is something we share tons of insight around in our latest Instagram report – The 2019 Guide to Advanced Instagram Marketing. And you should really check that out as well. It offers advanced marketing intel to help your brand:

  • Take advantage of and understand Instagram’s evolving eCommerce offerings
  • Pinpoint the shifting demographics the channel attracts, and how to adapt to it
  • Use Instagram ‘Stories’ functionality to its full potential
  • Derive meaningful insight from Instagram analytics
  • Identify authentic Instagram influencers who have evolved along with the platform, and those who have just learned to game it

Or you’re welcome to reach out to learn more directly from us as well! We’re always happy to provide a social analytics demo and show off the many ways our Next Generation AI-powered insight leaves the competition in the dust.

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