Brand leaders know social analytics are important to their business – but not everyone has mastered the art of expertly applying social insights. And those that have rarely share that intel. But on April 20, we’ll change that as we partner with the American Marketing Association for the webinar How Social Analytics Can Change Your Business: Secrets From the Pros.

On hand will be a panel stacked with social media experts from the likes of Aetna, Fifth Third Bancorp, Elasticity, and NetBase:

They’ll share how they benefit from social listening across their organizations, and tell you how you can do the same. Here’s a teaser…

It all starts with an investment in social listening

Social listening isn’t something you can do halfway and get results – you’ve got to invest in the proper tools, and commit to learning how to use them. That goes for your entire organization, not just Marketing.

But getting the rest of your organization on board may require a bit of an attitude adjustment. The experts will discuss how to drive home the value of social to decision makers – and what kind of insights you can find by taking social beyond the Marketing department.

Because as much as social media is a great promotional tool, social listening focused on consumer sentiment has a lot more to offer, like:

  • Insights on new products, labeling, branding, etc. – it’s a 24/7 focus group at your disposal
  • Hints at emerging industry trends you can embrace ahead of competitors
  • Customer service opportunities – when handled well, you cement loyalty, and impress others
  • Crisis management – when trouble is brewing, you’ll know at the earliest possible moment

The best part is, there’s no waiting for reports to be compiled and analyzed. Insights are delivered in real-time – so you can take immediate action for your brand. Chris and our experts will outline how.

Making it all about the customer

The first order of business is re-directing your marketing strategy to be consumer-centric, if it’s not already. On social media, the customer really does come first. They’re your primary source of insight for what you’re doing well, what you’re doing wrong, and what they’re going to want next.

That means looking not just at how they talk about your brand, but how they talk about your industry, your competitors – and everything else they share.

Gone are the days of “selling” your brand to consumers. Now you’ve got to find more personalized ways to enter the social conversation – and that’s where sentiment analytics is your best friend, telling you what consumers love to talk about most.

The merits of this consumer-driven strategy is it allows you to:

  • Talk with your audience, not just to them
  • Know where to find them and when they’re most active on various networks
  • Know how to speak their language – even if they’re talking in “code,” i.e., slanguage and emojis
  • Go beyond marketing to fix mistakes and make social media a real, active outlet for customer service
  • Find new customers through audience segmenting

As customers are at the heart of any business, the value of this strategy is clear – as should be the value of social listening by now. Whether your organization is just coming around to that idea or has been leading the social charge all along, there’s more to learn about how best to connect and engage, and how to get more out of your social media software.

We hope you’ll join us for the webinar How Social Analytics Can Change Your Business: Secrets From the Pros to find out.

For more information on Social Analytics visit our four piece series:  The Complete Social Media Analytics Guide

Check out our past webinars, or reach out to add the NetBase platform to your business arsenal today.

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