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Knee-deep into the holiday season, brands will want to be focused on what is shaping consumer’s purchasing decisions and act accordingly. Mobile commerce, or mcommerce, and shipping are at the heart of this year’s holiday shopping; and brands that dial their social media listening in and meet those needs stand to gain where others drop the ball. To dig a little deeper, let’s look at how brands can harness the mobile shopping mania this holiday season by focusing on:

  • Mobile commerce pushing holiday sales
  • Last mile shipping options helping to drive shopping decisions
  • Consumers looking for speed after the buy

And before we get started, here are a few stats we found relevant to the conversation going forward:

  • Global spending through mcommerce hit $2.3 trillion in 2019.
  • 49% of consumers shop online using a smartphone or tablet.
  • Over 46% of small to mid-size businesses saw their profits increase after implementing free shipping.
  • High shipping costs are the number one reason for digital cart abandonment.

With that, let’s take a brief look at the state of mobile commerce as it pertains to this year’s holiday season.

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Mcommerce for the Holiday Win

It’s common knowledge that ecommerce has been trending upwards year over year, but you may not know the part that mcommerce has played in those numbers. Back as recently as 2017, mcommerce accounted for over 34% of total digital sales. And according to Statista, mobile commerce is poised to make up 53.9% of all U.S. ecommerce in 2021. Here’s a look at the top mobile shopping apps as they stood at the end of 2019:


We’re fortunate that ecommerce was in a viable position to shift relatively quickly at the onset of the pandemic to become a lifeline for many consumers. And our reliance on mobile devices within our ‘always on’ society has continued to play a huge role. They became even more important as our key to contactless orders, pick-ups and deliveries – no matter where we happened to be.

Looking below at the global mcommerce conversation in the news and blogs dataset in Quid Pro we can see the conversation growing prior to the onset of the pandemic. It suffered an understandable reduction in volume during April and May before steadying out over the last four months. Note that the mobile ecommerce app cluster highlighted in blue remained steady in conversational volume throughout and carries 13% of the overall narrative.


All signs point to mcommerce being a huge factor in holiday shopping this year and brands will do well to ensure their social media listening is leading to impactful market and competitive intelligence that informs a great cx strategy. The stakes are high this year, so you’ll want to leave no digital cart abandoned.

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Last Mile Options Putting Santa Out of Business

After the sale is complete, getting an item from the warehouse shelf to the consumer’s front door is considered the ‘last mile’ of the delivery process. Consumers accustomed to free delivery expect quick and reliable service after the sale and won’t hesitate to shop elsewhere if a brand can’t get it right.

It’s can be a costly endeavor to build a smooth last mile strategy, but it means everything these days. And as in every other area of business, social media listening can be used to help identify and inform your brand’s last mile logistics. After all, your competitive intelligence can reveal the issues that others are encountering in the space giving you a leg up on the obstacle course.


Amazon Prime has last mile delivery down to a science and has set the standard in ecommerce on which consumers set their expectations. However, logistical options are changing at the speed of tech innovations, meaning the goalposts are inching ever closer. And market intelligence can inform brands on the utility of collaborative warehousing or transportation solutions, home delivery options such as Shipt or creating their own infrastructure to fill the gaps.

Social media listening and the competitive intelligence it uncovers not only aids brands in filling present voids but has the added bonus feature of keeping you abreast of the latest innovations. Take for example Walmart and Zipline’s recent announcement of its drone delivery service in the U.S.

It’s a pretty cool breakthrough and the closest humanity has come to hijacking Santa’s gig. And apparently UPS is getting in on the action as well.


Consumers Expect Speed

Though consumers have seemed to understand slight reductions in delivery speeds with increased volume throughout the pandemic, they still want their items as quickly as possible. Brands that can edge out the competition through leveraging their advantages stand to gain on this front during the holidays.

Our ecommerce shipping analysis in Quid Social from the past month reveals a dense conversation packed with insights brands can use to streamline their own last mile services.


The overwhelming majority of the conversation from would be buyers is happening on forums as users seek advice on whether to order or not. They’re seeking out reputations on brands they’re not super familiar with. In many cases they already have their mind made up on the product itself, but shipping speed and cost questions are impeding the purchase.

Filtering down heavily into large conversations that speak to consumers’ frustrations reveals insights that brands can use to refine their process or plug holes in shipping gaps. The shipping conversation on the consumer end already skews negatively from the get-go; but drilling down further into the negative keywords reveals the pressure points brands can use to outmaneuver the competition.


This level of disappointment and frustration in the space reveals that there’s still a lot of ground that brands can gain. There will be winners and losers this holiday season where shipping and mobile commerce is concerned; and brands poised for maximum consumer love will be the ones using next generation artificial intelligence (AI) to inform their competitive and market intelligence.

Does your brand have its mcommerce game poised to come out on top this holiday season? Be sure to reach out for a personalized demo and we’ll help you blow away your customers expectations!

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