Brands & Influencers Act, Innovate & Implement Change for Earth Day

Harvey Rañola |
 04/22/22 |
4 min read

Every year around this time, online experiences a fever pitch of posts sharing Earth Day hopes and promises for a better tomorrow. And each time, more brands and the people who love them become invested in becoming part of that change in meaningful ways. And this is not only smart for the planet, it’s smart business.

Exploring trending mentions of brands and people in context this past month, we see brands sharing their promotional efforts and activism and the voices that support these and other efforts, micro-influencers made up of entrepreneurs, CEOs and founders of businesses that may not often win the spotlight. Today, they do! We’ll dig into the specifics below, showing why they’re winning love, while saving the world.


As the organizers of Earth Day share, they have big goals this year – and moving forward:  “This is the moment to change it all — the business climate, the political climate, and how we take action on climate.” And more and more businesses and influencers (big and small) are joining the effort, spreading awareness and promoting new earth-friendly practices. We’ll share a few of them below. First, let’s explore trending brands and what consumers have to say about their efforts, and then we’ll dig into some trending voices and see how they are shaping conversations online.

Trending Earth Day Brands

The trending brands as of this writing are a varied bunch, with a car manufacturer, technology and retail represented.

Hyundai just confirmed the launch of its “global sustainability campaign under the banner ‘Goal of the Century’.” It launches today and continues during the FIFA World Cup. Its campaign is everywhere at once, with a series of Instagram videos and one on YouTube narrated by BTS members. It’s easy to see why they’re trending:

LG has been recognized as one of the 100 most sustainable corporations in the world, having “reduced the environmental impact of products – from design and production, to packaging and transportation, to use and disposal – while cutting greenhouse gas emissions from LG operations worldwide.” And Samsung just expanded its eco-packaging program “to encompass a larger lineup of products, including home appliances such as vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, air purifiers and more” and it just launched Galaxy S1 cases made from recycled materials in honor of Earth Day.

Getac, a leader in rugged computing solutions, announced a partnership with One Tree Planted where it is inviting partners and customers to participate in the “Our Solutions Your Success” campaign, with a goal of planting 30,000 trees.


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A post shared by One Tree Planted (@onetreeplanted)

And then Coach, along with its parent company Vinci Brands, is offering customers a pre-paid shipping label to send its entirely compostable phone cases for recycling to Incipio. This is a trend with larger companies, as they realize the importance of not only recycling their products, which they’ve been doing for a bit now – but the equal importance of encouraging others to join in and have recycling top-of-mind. The trending Earth Day Voices that follow are helping in that regard.

Trending Earth Day Voices

Aska Zeng, General Manager of Yadea, which is a pioneer in green energy, “continues to #InvestInOurPlanet with sustainable concepts, actions, innovations and practices that protect the earth and create a prosperous, equitable future for all.”

Since its inception, Yadea has positively contributed to the planet by promoting energy conservation, reducing emissions, and aligning its product development with ESG principles. In the past two decades, the company has sold 60 million units, which has helped lower fuel consumption by 9.84 million tonnes and reduced CO2 emissions by 34.3 million tonnes — the equivalent of planting 1.72 billion trees.

Cassie Okenka of the School of Rock, Wicked coordinated performances on the Earth Day stage at Hudson Yards from April 22nd-24th, including “A New Generation Sings for Sustainability: Young Singers Lift Their Voices in Solidarity with Our Earth.” Her participation in the event is trending as it revolves around ‘young voices’ and Earth Day is decidedly a Gen Z priority!


The event will also host discussions of the latest trends in sustainable fashion; and new technology in green building design. And back to brands – it’s an event sponsored by Volkswagen:

earth day hudson yard

Helena Kaylin, founder of MINDD Bra Company announced a partnership with singer and actress Katharine McPhee Foster to launch a new collection and commit a portion of sales in honor of Earth Day to benefit Oceana, a non-profit fedicated to preserving and restoring the world’s oceans. And their Instagram engagement shows a steady stream of support from its target consumers.


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A post shared by MINDD (@minddbra)

Lisette Gavina Lopez is Managing Director at F. Gaviña & Sons, Inc. Their company partners with TerraCycle “as part of a zero-waste-to-landfill initiative aimed at providing consumers a free and easy way to recycle Don Francisco’s and Café La Llave coffee pods, espresso capsules, and bags.” And their recycling stats are impressive:


And then we have Michael Wann, a tech entrepreneur who “selected Beko to design and outfit the chef’s and family kitchens in his 4,500-sq.-ft. net-zero carbon home.” He has one of the “world’s most sustainable homes” so this is quite an achievement for any brand to be mentioned here. Wann’s standards are obviously pretty high! But Beko Home Appliances is up to the challenge, as it’s “considered to be among the world’s most sustainable appliance manufacturers.”

The Earth Day activities don’t end today, of course. The best loved brands show their earth-friendly side year-round, with ongoing sustainability efforts that help them connect authentically with their audience. Reach out for a demo and we’ll show you how to do find ways to connect with influencers and help the Earth, all while making your campaigns irresistible to ecologically minded consumers!

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