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Though some might feel like they’ve only just come down from this year’s SXSW rush, it’s already time to start looking ahead at the panels you’d like to see at SXSW 2016 – and NetBase is in the running (and we want your vote)! And after you read this, you’ll be compelled to click over to help us out – take a peek:

Our “Brands Bringing the Noise” panel will offer something special. Not only are we sharing tips on engaging today’s consumers – interactive, content-creating influencers, who impact the bottom line through their social behaviors – but brining it to you from the perspective of the Music and Entertainment industries, where the most-talked-about brands live.

Music industry experts will round out our panel, moderated by NetBase CMO Pernille Bruun-Jensen, including Taylor Hanson (CEO and Founder, Hanson /3CG Records), Alex White (Head of Next Big Sound at Pandora), and William Gruger (Music Editor, Vine). And they’ll share insights on:

  • Millennials’ social impact on brands and how they drive future brand success
  • How marketers should manage the latest Social Audience changes that are surfacing via social for geo, psychographics, targeting and reach
  • Why user-generated content is so vital, how to help support its creation, and advertising and media strategies for leveraging it effectively
  • Specific advice about KPIs that any marketer should consider to drive value with brands in social, and how to take existing efforts further
  • How Music and Entertainment can inspire other categories to drive value via social
  • How to spot emerging trends via social, and what to do when you do

The specific ideas and advice discussed will show listeners precisely how to use this information to create a data-driven approach designed to kick your marketing efforts into overdrive, and making the next singing sensation envious of your promotional savvy!

Whether you’re a marketer, C-suite executive, analyst, or promotion pro – if you want to be inspired and gain actionable tips for making your brand rockstar popular, then this is the panel you want to attend. 

Please vote for us here – so you won’t leave us wondering “Where’s the Love?” (We couldn’t resist.)

For more on how NetBase helps brands take their social listening deeper, reach out here.

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