Serious marketers know that social media analytics tools are essential for leveraging the power of social, but native analytics and demographic data can only take brands so far. The world’s biggest brands are taking their marketing to new heights using powerful, multi-dimensional enterprise tools — and our upcoming webinar will explain how your brand can do the same.

On January 28, The World’s Most Awesome Brands Have This In Common will be giving savvy marketers the scoop from the world’s most successful brands and agencies. Join Marketing Operations Manager Jami Blackburn and Product Marketing Manager Ryan Taketa at 10:00 AM PST for an expert-led discussion on how brands like Coca-Cola, Kraft, and Visa are leveraging the NetBase Platform to predict consumer intent and get actionable social insights. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s on the table:

  • Find out how to use social media brand analysis in real-time to discover what consumers REALLY think about your campaigns
  • Hear real success stories from the world’s biggest brands, from Visa to T-Mobile
  • Discover how social media analytics tools can benefit all departments, from PR to R&D
  • Get a high-level product overview of the NetBase platform, followed by an in-product demo

Social media brand analysis in action

Whether the goal is to increase engagement, or to simply make sense of the wealth of social data available, marketers need a dimensional understanding of their audience if they want real results.

For consumers, the social media activities that matter most by brands are freshness of content, relevancy of content, and the brand’s engagement with its followers. To answer consumers’ needs, brands must understand consumer sentiment as it occurs. This is also crucial to managing reputation and connecting in a way that stimulates growth.

Jami and Ryan will explain how NetBase is helping marketers to accelerate campaign impact and react quickly and meaningfully to their audience. They’ll also be sharing real success stories from brands and agencies using NetBase to:

  • Earn $30MM in PR value by leveraging social campaign management
  • Save 80% in service costs year-over-year
  • Achieve a 45% decrease in average monthly call-center volume for customer care

Social media analytics tools are key to making vital decisions based on consumers’ preferences. Being able to detect and respond to shifts in Net Sentiment (what consumers are feeling) and Brand Passion (how strongly they feel it) as they occur allows marketers to increase revenue, boost productivity, decrease costs and manage risk.

Reach further than growing your reach

On January 28 Jami and Ryan will also be explaining just how far NetBase’s social media brand analysis can take you. With over 200 million sources ranging from social networks to forums, from microblogs to reviews, NetBase is an enterprise tool that can automatically analyze and classify every type of post — and for marketers, this means less time sifting through data, and more time leveraging it.

The 30-minute presentation will also share expert tips on replicating big brands’ success using our products, including our psychographic insight powerhouse, Audience 3D™.  A3D is the first analytics platform on the market to be powered by Twitter’s Audience API, and allows marketers to go beyond what consumers are saying and discover what they mean (sarcasm, emojis and all).

The world’s most awesome brands are using NetBase already — and if your brand is serious about social, our upcoming webinar will explain how you can become one of them.

So set a reminder on your smartphone and join us on Thursday, January 28 at 10:00 AM PST for The World’s Most Awesome Brands Have This In Common. If you just can’t wait, reach out today to find out how NetBase can help you increase brand equity and market in real-time to the people that matter.

Image from Selena N.B.H.

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