5 Branded Promotions on TikTok that Took Off 

Kimberly Surico |
 01/07/21 |
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5 Branded Hashtag Promotions on TikTok that Took Off 

TikTok is the social network for brands to connect with Gen Z, Millennials and any segments seeking to decompress by watching videos (read: everyone). So, it shouldn’t be surprising that many brands are experiencing viral success from it. But that success isn’t a given. These brands understand their audience – and you need to too. We’ll show you how below! And be sure to check out our Adweek webinar where we’ll share How to Use TikTok, Instagram and Facebook Insights to Propel Your Content Strategy!

To succeed in an overcrowded market place, you need the pairing of social media analytics and competitive intelligence to vet your ideas against before a launch, ensuring success. And these companies know it to be true, we’ll discuss:

  • Netflix and filtering for success
  • KFC dances its way into the hearts of consumers
  • A view to die for – L’Oréal nails its look
  • A sentimental view brought to you by Optus
  • Trimming the fat to focus on what matters – Manscaping grooms its consumers

And telling stats about TikTok’s growth and its audience will inform our market intelligence research:

  • In Germany there are 8.8 million consumers on TikTok
  • Globally 68% of TikTok users view another user’s videos and shares – increasing a brand’s reach
  • There are 800 million TikTok users worldwide, 40% are men

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Netflix & The Filter Effect

Netflix has produced hit after hit during our lockdown. And recently, Netflix Germany entered the realm of competition TV with Sing On. This savvy company looked to TikTok to help them spread the word, which is smart as in Germany there are 8.8 million consumers on this popular app.

Understanding that on TikTok, 2020 has been the biggest year for music yet, Netflix encouraged users to send in their own karaoke videos using the hashtag #SingOnGermany. They even created a branded effect or filter to give the appearance of singing in a karaoke booth.

Netflix stayed ahead of the fads and consumer intelligence shows us how they, and other brands, do this.

Top trending conversations surrounding Netflix over the past three months can be seen below – though it’s important to know that we could set the search to go back three years if we wanted! Each cluster in the Quid Social product offers up market intelligence through blogs, articles and social media posts from users all around the world.


Exploring the Amazon Prime segment reveals posts of consumers talking about both Netflix and Amazon. And this post of what a Netflix fan is looking for could be great information, it has 31,420 retweets with potential impressions not to be taken lightly – meaning this suggested series could be something that Netflix fans would watch:


Netflix’s branded effect and hashtag went viral and it amassed over 600 million video views and with thousands of user generated content (UGC), essentially free advertisement for them. Those are numbers you can’t ignore.

And KFC didn’t. They launched their own hashtag competition.

#CluckingHashtags and KFC

Dance challenges on TikTok reign supreme, in fact they are a driving force for moving music up the billboard charts. It’s no wonder that KFC created their own dance challenge – #DoTheColonel.

It beckoned users to showcase their best “colonel moves” by following a short dance routine. The campaign received 216 million video views, 53,000 entries and an impressive 12.44% UGC rate. And globally 68% of TikTok users view another user’s videos and shares, extending a brands reach.

We searched KFC and explored timeline conversations with the highest engagement. This helps weed out low engagement posts and locate trending ones, providing valuable intel on the consumer mindset. There are spikes in Business Practices – these speak to KFC hiring more employees to meet the demands of to-go orders. And, more recently Starring Mario Lopez has been a hot subject


This recent tongue in cheek KFC movie, “A Recipe for Seduction,” hit everyone’s funny bone. Clicking through reveals consumer intelligence from consumer posts, like the following tweet. We can also view this person’s bio, how many followers she has and much more. Each detail helps KFC understand who their audience is and locate any potential influencers.


KFC understands their consumers conversations and interests. This is key to keeping the customers you have, and to drawing in new ones.

And a company that is expert at this is L’Oréal…

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L’Oréal – A View from the Top

L’Oréal joined in the TikTok fun with their branded hashtag challenge #StyleLikeAnExpert and packaged it with a TopView – essentially a short burst of promotion at the top of a viewer’s TikTok screen, offering lots of exposure. This campaign saw 242+ million views and a 13.34% engagement rate.

Understanding what your audience wants is a critical step in creating a campaign if you want it to be as successful as L’Oréal’s.

Consumer intelligence has a lot to say – in fact, consumers do nothing but talk there. We’ve searched and tagged different segments around L’Oréal.  Our bar chart shows our tags as well as which segments, they are appearing in – giving us more context. For example, Mascara has the biggest share of voice throughout the clusters, especially in Brand Comparison.



Clicking on Mascara, we uncover demographics on consumers using L’Oréal’s mascara in place of false eyelashes. We can see loyal consumers going back 10 years. And mascara isn’t just for assigned females – non-binary consumers are also on board.


Understanding your consumer can bring in top positive sentiment as our next example proves.

Optus – Taking Over Consumer Love

Australian telecommunications Optus looked for an opportunity to celebrate the lifting of lockdown restrictions with their pandemic weary customers. They used TikTok’s Brand Takeover formula; A full-screen vertical video ad displayed to users upon launching the app with the hashtag #YeahWeBack. They invited users to film themselves performing a socially distanced “reunion” dance.

Optus generated over 29 million views and the brand takeover placement achieved more than a 16% click-through rate.

Optus understood sentiment and how they play a key role in consumers attitudes. Social media analytics pinpoints these sentiment drivers – terms and words that show up below as positive (green) or negative (red). The words below are attributed to Optus, and each is clickable/explorable:


For example, Global Leader in Hospitality is a main contributor in good sentiment. Clicking on it would lead us to our example on the left. While our post on the right is a result and the main influencer to the negative attribute, Outage. Each of these offers different consumer intelligence insights that Optus would be happy to know. They can see where they’re making home runs and where they may need to fine tune.


And no other brand fine tunes better than our next contender – Manscaped.

Manscaped Grooms the TikTok Landscape

In the US, 40% of TikTok users are male and with 800 million users worldwide, that’s a lot of grooming to be done. And MANSCAPED™, recognized the potential of in-feed ads and took control delivering fun and funny but also practical information on male grooming. This resulted in 151 million impressions.

Looking to market intelligence and  competitive intelligence expands our understanding of MANSCAPED consumers. Our table below tells us that MANSCAPED consumers are largely around the 25–34-year bracket. But don’t count out Generation Z (born after ‘96), they still occupy 23% of the conversation. And since 41% of TikTok users are between the ages of 16 and 24, it makes sense that MANSCAPED targeted this demographic.


And that’s what it all comes down to at the end of the day – the right targeting. Brands need to know who to target, where and how. Let us help you locate your audience using the best that competitive intelligence has to offer. Reach out for a demo and be the next viral TikTok brand or partner with its next star!

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