Brand Passion Report 2019: Top Loved Brands

Niraj Sharma |
 07/11/19 |
4 min read

Brand Passion Report 2019: Top Loved Brands

Using our powerful Next Generation AI capabilities, we captured the most loved brands across the globe to create the Brand Passion Report 2019: Top Loved Global Brands. In it, we share insight around what consumers find so attractive about these brands, from both a category and entity perspective.

It’s a handy bit of strategic insight that you can use to inform your own efforts. With 605 million posts of earned mentions from blogs, forums, microblogs, news, review sites, Twitter, Tumblr, and many others, and spanning more than 200 countries, there’s something for everyone.

Let’s explore some highlights below.

Why Brand Passion Matters

Consumer preference is tricky to pin down and can feel like lots of luck (or being unlucky) determines a brand’s failure of success. That’s partially true, as instinct certainly comes in to play, but the savviest marketers, regardless of how well they feel they know their audience or category, always hedge their bets with social listening.

Here’s why: It allows brands to capture insight and ideas that they wouldn’t have known about otherwise. At least, not insight they would have known first. They may have found out about the latest consumer need, trend, tactic or whatever insights after they saw a more socially aware competitor taking action. And that’s too little intel too late in today’s competitive markets!

Keeping pace with social is table stakes, and it involves much more than tracking brand mentions or tallying likes for a weekly report.

As we share in this report, “It’s also about the intensity of passion, feelings and emotions shared in posts across the web.” The “also” may make sentiment feel like a secondary metric, but have no doubt – consumer passions are what should be driving decision-making in every organization. And the top loved brands would absolutely agree.

Top Loved Brands and Industries

Those on our Top Loved Brands list undoubtedly pay close attention to their online personas, as we’ve ranked them based on the strongest, most positive consumer emotions – and achieving that kind of recognition takes work.

We share an All Stars list (the top ten) of 88 global brands we uncovered, complete with stats around the number of mentions, posts, impressions, engagement, where in the world they’re located – and, of course, each brand’s Net Sentiment. This measurement that can range from -100 to 100.

Here are the top five:

Most loved Global Brands - top five

Note that the top five are all from the United States, but remainder of our All Star list includes names you’ll know from the UK, Japan and Sweden.

Likewise, we see Social Media, Technology, Entertainment and eCommerce here, but that’s far from a complete list of industries we’ve uncovered in our worldwide research that ran from May, 2018 through May, 2019. You’ll also see Automotive, Consumer Goods, Finance, Food & Beverage, Retail, Payment Services, Telecommunications, and Transportation. And there’s pretty spread out distribution of each:

Industry share of global love list


The Depths of Brand Passion

And then we break the data down by category, sharing where the love lives – and why, with examples of word clouds, attributes, emojis and so much more – in context – to demonstrate why particular brands are experiencing so much success. Capturing sentiment in context is super important and Next Generation AI ensures it’s done expertly.

For example, when seeing people talking about “switching” in relation to Spotify, being able to drill down into that data to see that it has to do with people switching from competitors TO them is key. This will not always be the case, and it’s important that your sentiment analysis tool allows that level of granularity and transparency to track the data to its source and validate it:

Spotify Behaviors word cloud around switching service to them from competitors

And when creating a new campaign, which hashtags should your brand be using? Exploring popular hashtags isn’t enough – as there could be entirely relevant and viral opportunities associated with your brand that you’re missing.

Would you assume a generic hashtag that you didn’t push to popularize around your brand was valuable to it? Probably not. And that would be a missed opportunity if you were Amazon and unaware of how often your brand is associated with the following:

Amazon associated brand love hashtags

The value of online marketing, its return on investment is tightly tied to return on love. How much love are you generating with your current and potential consumers? Having an accurate measure is important.

Measuring Brand Passion

Social passion isn’t merely a popularity contest, it offers insight into brand health and around where an emotionally driven campaign could deliver maximum impact. There are so many avenues to explore once you start digging in.

It also allows extremely accurate benchmarking for any number of indicators, including share of voice, measurement of campaigns’ effectiveness, and whether or not a brand has successfully weathered a crisis to name a few.

Download the Brand Passion Report 2019: Top Loved Global Brands to learn that and lots more! And then reach out for a demo to see brand love – and what you can do with it – in action.

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