Welcome to the first Brand Passion Index of 2012.  I’m excited to kick off this year with a nod to one of the most common New Year’s resolution: getting healthy and getting fit. Last year, we looked at diets and gyms, so this year I decided to take a different approach and analyze the foods that people turn to when their waistbands are a little more tight following the holiday season. I eat fairly healthily, but still needed some inspiration so I turned to Google to find some more of health food fads, and in the process, found multiple interpretations on the pronunciation of acai. I still can’t quite pronounce it, but added it to this list of healthy foods that people can’t stop talking about in social media: quinoa, kale, wheatgrass, pomegranates and acai.

Using the Insight Workbench I found that social media users  simply love their healthy food: all five of the brands returned overall very positive results. Pomegranates (a favorite snack of mine and the juice of choice of my kids if combines with ruby grapefruit) emerged as the buzz winner, generating 34% of the overall chatter, a Passion Intensity score of 61 and a Net Sentiment score of 75. The Workbench also surfaced that the top pomegranate brands include POM, Welch and Old Orchard, so I have some new ones for the grocery list! Quinoa and acai (is it a prerequisite that these healthy foods have to be impossible to read and pronounce?) took the lead with a tie for the highest Net Sentiment score of 85, though acai edged quinoa out by one point for the highest Passion Intensity score of 82. Online consumers recommended finding the best quality for both brands at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, two places where I leave behind much of my paycheck.

n this graphic, the amount of chatter about a brand is indicated by the size of the bubble, while the placement of the bubble shows the intensity of passion.

Verbatim surfaced about pomegranates showed that social media users are buzzing about the jewel-toned fruit because of the many benefits it has: great taste, a positive effect on your skin and overall health.

I’m addicted to pomegranate seeds they are soo yummy :P

Pomegranate is the perfect additive for the skin 

It’s official: Pomegranates are pretty and fun to eat

Pomegranate has to be one of the best natural snacks! 

Social media chatter contained glowing reviews to acai berries due to the superfood qualities the tiny berry contains: also high in antioxidants, addictive taste and super for that resolution of weight-loss.

Acai berries are great antioxidants—and great in smoothies and yogurt parfaits…

I love acai berries with a passion

I love Acai Berry and it is now part of my daily weightloss routine

Seriously I’m sure the Acai Berry are better than crack

@BillCorbett I hear that those ACAI BERRY DIETS are better than life/sex itself! 

And, finally, though quinoa generated 13.5% of the overall  huge amount of conversations, it’s clear that its following is mighty. Online consumers gushed about the tender grain – and I can’t blame them, I eat it almost every day!

Quinoa is quick, easy to prepare and delicious 

Quinoa is my new favorite thing 

@DwellStudio Quinoa is pretty much the best thing ever 

To say that I’m a quinoa fan is an understatement 

So what’s your  New Year’s resolution? And what’s your go-to health food and where do you buy it? Check back in for the next BPI, I’m still sticking to resolutions and looking at social’s favorite sneakers for those much needed work outs!

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